Ph.D. Overview

The Ph.D. programs of ACEM aim to cultivate high-level research-oriented economic and management talents to meet the needs of internationalization. The degree recipients will have a solid grasp of theory and knowledge, research methods and tools of the relevant disciplines, aware of important practical and research issues in related fields, and have the ability of independent research and theoretical innovation, international academic exchange and cooperation, as well as academic ethics and social responsibility.

Ph.D. Overview

Antai College of economics and management  has three doctoral programs. All those programs ready you for academic life by developing research and writing skills. The students will be well equipped to make contributions to economic and managerial knowledge, assemble an evidential base for practices of profession.


Program in Management Science and Engineering -- It originates from Systems Engineering, which was advocated to estimate by Academician Zhang, Professor Wu and Wang. It got doctoral authorization in 1985 and was ratified to build postdoctoral research station with Auto-Control Discipline, simultaneously. In the year of 1995, it was awarded as Shanghai key discipline, while in 1997, was adjusted to Management Science and Engineering in discipline catalogue and started the independent postdoctoral research station. Walking into the 21 century, it was successfully awarded as the National Key Discipline in 2002 and established Finance Engineering Ph.D. in this discipline, 2004.It was aimed to cultivate talents with profound ability in management theory, system science, economics, mathematics and computer technology. This programmainlycontents on financial engineering and risk management, operation and logistics management, information system and management, technology and innovation management, management science and decision science.


Program in Business Administration -- It can be traced back to the railway management in 1918. It got the second-level doctor station in Business Management in 1986 and acquired doctoral authorization and post-doctoral research station in Business Administration in 2003. In 2007, Business Management was awarded as the national key discipline and the Shanghai key discipline in 2008.This programmainly contents on market and strategy, enterprise strategic managment and international business, operation and supply chain management, organizational behavior and human resource management, accounting and financial managment.


Program in Applied Economics --This subject gets two secondary doctor stations in finance and industrial economics in 2006.It aims to cultivate professional talents with profound economics theory, related disciplinary knowledge and methods. In the area of finance, it aims to develop international theories and methods and combination of the reality of China, research personnel to solve practical problems in China. In the area of industrial economics, it aims to develop solid basics of economic theory, economic analysis tool, grasp the mainstream and forefront research ability, high-level academic research personnel and engaged in teaching and research in economic decision-making departments engage in analysis, research and decision-making senior talent.