Overseas Internship Exchange

What is the overseas action-learning program?

What is the overseas action-learning program?

The Overseas Action-learning Program provides students access to participating in real-world business projects in a foreign country for a period ranging from one week to three months’ time. Business projects are provided by Antai’s international partner schools in collaboration with corporate sponsors. Students form groups with peers from the partner school and are supervised by faculty and corporate leaders throughout the entire project. Participants are required to submit deliverables in the form of a final report or deliver on-site presentation, and be graded at the end of the project.

Students who wish to participate in three-month-long project must apply for semester exchange at the partner school.

Student Testimonials

“PwC Project was one of the large-scale projects, requiring a lot of research and analysis, teamwork and constant engagement with a client. PwC was looking to grow its Global Delivery Model and go abroad for opening a new Service Delivery Center. The team was challenged to make a deep-dive into 7 countries and by the end of the project provide the best location for a new center.”   By Anna Mikhalchenko

“This is a must-have experience for all business students who want to have a successful career or to launch an innovative business. This experience truly helps student to unlock their potential through working in a different culture, diversified environment, and dealing with a real-life project from a real company.”  By Chhay Hong HENG

“Having internship with ESIC is a priceless opportunity which everyone should not miss because you will be working on real project, gaining and fostering business skills, experiencing culture differences as Spain is an incredible party-soul country, plus having chance to take classes for free.”  By Monika Mao

Who can apply?

Both undergraduate and graduate students, domestic or international students, can apply, depending on requirement of the partner school and the project.

When and How to apply?

The international office will publish project and application announcement on ACEM website. For more information,please visit:


Students who wish to participate in three-month-long project must apply for semester exchange at the partner school. Application must be submitted to tracy01@sjtu.edu.cn   before designated deadlines. To participate in the fall semester exchange, students must apply before end of March.


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