Antai Starts New Semester with Undergraduate Project Development Seminar 2019-02-28

On February 27, 2019, Antai College of Economics & Management held the first undergraduate project development seminar in the new semester. Deputy Dean Ningyu Tang, Program Academic Directors Junhui Qian and Xingshan Zheng, and Director of Teaching Office Xiaoli Zhang and other related teachers attended the seminar.

The seminar discussed the ESSEC Dual Degree Program, undergraduate academic development plan, online courses, virtual laboratory development, international exchange promotion plan, the standardization of undergraduate teaching plans and other specific matters.

The attendees stressed that the undergraduate program was in a fundamental position, and the related parties need to make earnest efforts to advance the internal development of higher education.

The attendees suggested that the College should give full consideration to the students' differences and interests, strengthening the guidance of students and protecting their curiosity towards academic affairs and the bigger world. The College will strengthen academic planning training so as to help students have a reasonable understanding of schooling and their long-term goals.