ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association Established 2022-05-11

On July 29th, SJTU ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association Establishment Ceremony held in NingboSmileandNaturalHotel. Dean Zhou Lin of ACEM, Executive Dean Li Yuan, Assistant to the Dean, Zhao Xinyun, teachers from relative departments and alumni organizations, with hundred members of Ningbo Alumni Association, attended the establishment Ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Assistant Zhao Xinyun.

At the beginning of the meeting, Teacher Zhao looked back on the preparations and pointed out that all the staffs during the preparation made their efforts to discuss and draft relative documents, and finally completed the preparations. Then, the Director of Antai Alumni and Development Office, Chen Yu represented college to announce the <official reply for approval of SJTU ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association>, and the <constitution of SJTU ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association> was approved by all the partisans. Cheng Yu also announced the <first organization list of SJTU ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association> with warm applauses.

Representatives of college teachers and alumni organizations are giving speeches

The first Director of Antai Ningbo Alumni Association and Vice Mayor of Ningbo, Ma Weiguang gave his inaugural speech with Everyone’s cheers and applause. Firstly, he represented all the alumni from Ningbo Alumni Association gratitude the helps during the process of establishment from all the leaderships and teachers of Alma Mater. Then he said that he will do his best to make the Ningbo Alumni Association becoming a window to joint local alumni and SJTU, finally, he promised that he and all the Ningbo alumni will make their efforts to pay back to SJTU and the society.

The first director Antai Ningbo Alumni Association, NingboCity Vice Mayor Ma Weiguang is giving a speech.

Other Antai alumni organizations expressed their congrayulations and gave their presents to Ningbo Alumni Association.

Dean Zhou Lin and representatives from other Antai alumni organizations are giving their presents to Ningbo alumni assocoation

At the end of meeting, Dean Zhou Lin gave a speech, he emphasized that all the ACEMers have their honors and responsibilities, and they need to take charge in their areas and enterprises. He summarized and prospected the future of alumni association, and gave the wishes to integrate outstanding alumni from all works of life and build a platform to communications for alumni from different backgrounds. At last, Dean Zhou Gave a "Instant success" calligraphy scroll to Director Ma.

ACEM Dean Zhou is giving a speech

After the ceremony, Ningbo Alumni Association arranged an academic presentation < Innovation Management in Transition > that presented by Prof. Li Yuan. Prof. Li’s speech received a warmly welcome from all the alumni.

ACEM executive Dean Li Yuan is giving his presentation

After that all the programs of this meeting completed successfully. All the participants take a group photo in front of the hotel.

Group photo

In the evening, Ningbo Alumni Association held the networks dinner, all the alumni opened their hearts to communicate and the atmosphere became fiercely, which indicated a good future of the alumni association.