The relationship between competency-based training and improved performance: The role of paradox 发布时间:2023-06-08

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题 目The relationship between competency-based training and improved performance: The role of paradox

嘉 宾Dana R. Vashdi, 副教授, 政治科学学院院长, 海法大学

主 持陈景秋, 教授, 上海交通大学

时 间2023年6月13日(周二)13:30-15:00

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Competency-based training is an outcomes-based approach to the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of training, using competencies as an organizing framework. Despite its increasing popularity over the past decade as an improved training model, especially in medical post-graduate education, compared to the traditional time-based approach, literature on the outcomes of competency-based training and evaluation of its implementation processes is scarce. Moreover it is unclear why such an approach is effective. In the current study we first used an action research methodology to observe and analyze the implementation processes of a Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) fellowship program in Neonatology wards in hospitals in Israel and then conducted a pilot intervention study comparing wards that implement CBME to those that do not. Our data analysis revealed that the challenges associated with CBME fellowship program-implementation can be mapped and organized as a set of multi-categorical paradoxes. Some of these paradoxes are documented in previous organizational literature, but others seem to be new, specific to CBME implementation. In addition, we found that implementing CBME had an impact not only on individual’s performance but also on ward level organizational factors. As such, this research has the potential to make two main contributions. First, to contribute to the paradox literature by presenting a new category of paradoxes beyond the basic framework presented by Smith and Lewis (2001). Second, to contribute to the medical education and management literature by proposing a model of CBME fellowship program implementation. Moreover, this model may open up new streams of research in other organizational contexts implementing any competency-based training program.



Dana R. Vashdi is a head of the school of political sciences at The University of Haifa, Israel. Dana received her PhD in Industrial Psychology from the Technion, The Israel Institute of Technology. Dana’s research focuses on teamwork and specifically on learning and innovation in teams. She also investigates factors influencing employee well-being and employee creativity. Currently she is investigating the implementation of Competency Based Medical Education programs and their impact on employees, wards, hospitals and the health system as a whole. She has published her work in scholarly journals including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Human Resource Management, British Medical Journal and Public Administration Review.