Faculty & Research


Yu Mingyang

Department of:  Marketing


Phone:  +86 (0)21 62933171

Email:  myyu@sjtu.edu.cn



Mingyang Yu
Professor of Marketing
Antai School of management
Shanghai Jiaotong University

BS, Philosophy, Zhejiang University
MS, Economics, Fudan University
Ph.D., Marketing, Fudan University
Post Doctoral Education(I), Marketing, Fudan University
Post Doctoral Education(II),Marketing, Beijing University

Positions Held
Professor a irector of Brand Research Center, Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Professor of Marketing, the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Shenzhen University
Professor of Communication, the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Guest Professor in Zhongshan University, Donghua University, Southwest Jiaotong University

Selected Honors and Awards
Awards for national wide best selling books, national wide academic achievements, outstanding contributions for Social science 
Award for Top 10 consultants of China (1997)
Award for Top 10 advertising specialists(2003)

Selected External Service and Assignments
Academician of International Information Academe of the UN  (IIA)
Principle of China Consulting Institute
Director of Brand Strategy Committee, China Marketing Association
Deputy-Director of China Public Relations academic association,
Chairman of Applied CSI association of Shenzhen City
Principle Consultant of several enterprises, such as DLX, BSD, AMOI etc.

Current Research and Interests
Brand and brand building
Brand Crisis management
Brand innovation
Global brand management
Selected Papers and Publications
Author of 130 articles and 68 books. The most recent one is Brand Research , 2005, Fudan University Press .
The wide accepted theories include: the theory of brand life-time, the evaluation model of brand extension, the interaction structure of Advertising and Public administration, the theory of Core concept image of Public relations