• Department:Management Science
  • Phone:+86 (0)21 52301223
  • Title:Professor
  • Email:jiangwei@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Professor of Management Sciance in Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Associate Editor, Naval Research Logistics

    Area Editor, IIE Transactions

    Associate Editor, Journal of Management Analytics

    Associate Editor, Journal of Management Science and Engineering 

    Editorial Board Member, Fundamental Research

  • Research interests include big data and business analytics, data quality and risk management, logistics and supply chain management.

    Published more than 70 refereed journal articles.

    Partial list of publications:
    1. Spatiotemporal Surveillance Methods in the Presence of Spatial Correlation, Statistics in Medicine, 30, 569-583, 2011.

    2. “A Cluster-based Context-Tree Model for Multivariate Data Streams with Applications to Anomaly Detection”, INFORMS Journal of Computing, 23(3), 364-376, 2011.

    3. “A LASSO-Bas iagnostic Framework for Multivariate Statistical Process Control”, Technometrics, 53(3), 297-309, 2011.

    4. “Weighted CUSUM Control Charts for Poisson Count Data with Varying Sample Sizes”, Journal of Quality Technology, 43(4), 346-362, 2011.

    5. “A Co-integration Model with Structure Breaks for Customer Migration Analysis”, Service Science, 4(1), 42-54, 2012.

    6. “A Review and Comparison of Likelihood Based Charting Methods” (“Industrial Engineer”杂志专栏介绍文章), IIE Transactions, 44(9), 724-743, 2012.

    7. “A Variable-Selection-based Multivariate EWMA Chart for High-Dimensional Process Monitoring a iagnosis”, Journal of Quality Technology, 44(3), 209-230, 2012.

    8. “A Standardized Scan Statistic for Spatial Clustering with Estimated Parameters”, Navel Research Logistics, 59, 397-410, 2012.

    9. “Comparing Improvement Strategies for Inventory Inaccuracy in a Two-echelon Supply Chain”, European Journal of Operational Research, 221(1), 213-221, 2012.

    10. “Likelihood-based EWMA Charts for Monitoring Poisson Count data with Varying Sample Size”, Journal of American Statistical Association, 107, 1049-1062, 2012

  • Operations Management

    Managerial Decisions and Statistical Analysis

    Statistics, Decisions, and Risk

    Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems

    Six-Sigma and Advanced Quality Management

    Stochastic Models in OR

    Quality Engineering and Management