Shaoqing HUANG

  • Department:Economics
  • Phone:+86 (0)21 52301578
  • Title:Professor
  • Email:sqhuang@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Huang, Shaoqing, Professor, Antai School of economics and management, Shanghai Jiaotong University. He received a doctor's degree in economics from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in economics from Nankai University and Peking University respectively. He used to be an associate professor (associate researcher) of Antai School of economics and management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, research fellow of the private enterprise research center of China Europe International Business School, and a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego (2013-14). His main interesting fields are Political Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Economics and Development Economics. His researches are mainly published in “China & World Economy“Journal of Comparative Economics”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization”, "Journal of Environmental Economics and Management", “World Development” and so on. 

  • Recent Publication in English:

    1. “Partnership, Corruption and the Implications for Marketization” (with Weisi Xie and Xiaoshu Xu ), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2024, accepted.

    2. “The Impact of Air Quality on Innovation Activities in China” (with Jingbo Cui and Chunhua Wang), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2023,  vol.122: 102893.

    3. “Digitalization and firm performance: channels and heterogeneities” (with Ruonan Chen and Chun-Yu Ho), Applied Economics Letters,  2023, vol. 30(17), 2401-2406.  pdf

    4. “Disruptive Technology and Industrial Policy Paradigm Shifts: A Discussion Based on China”, Asian Review of Political Economy, 2022. https://doi.org/10.1007/s44216-022-00010-w.  pdf

    5. “The Rise of Online Ride-hailing Services and its Impacts on Urban Transport in China” in  Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China, Chen, Chia-lin, Haixiao Pan, Qing  Shen, and James Jixian Wang(ed.), London: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.

    6. “Partners or Rivals? An Experimental Study of a Two-Stage Tournament” ( with  Hong Chao, Chun-Yu Ho, Xiangdong Qin and Jiajia Cong), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2019, vol.158, 288-310. pdf

    7. “Financial Deepening and Innovation: The Role of Political Institutions” (with  Chun-Yu Ho, Hao Shi, and Jun Wu), World Development, 2018, vol. 109, 1–13. pdf     

           *The other version:  Ho, C. Y., Huang, S., Shi, H., & Wu, J. (2017). “Financial Deepening and Innovation Efficiency: The Role of Political Institutions”, ADBI Working Paper Series, No. 694.

    8. “The Asymmetric Effects of Local and Global Network Ties on Firms’ Innovation Performance” (with Lei Wang and Jun Li),Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing,  2018, vol. 33(3), 377-389. pdf 

    9. “How Much Infrastructure Is Too Much? A New Approach and Evidence from China” (with  Hao Shi), World Development, 2014, vol. 56, 272-286. pdf

    10. “Post-Crisis Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in China” (with Hao Shi, Weimin Zhou), in  China's Trade, Exchange Rate and Industrial Policy Structure, Whalley, J.(ed.), Singapore: World Scientific, June 2013. pdf

  • 1. Chinese Economy (Undergraduate), since 2011.

    2. Topics of Chinese Economy (Graduate), since 2011.

    3. Topics of Chinese Economy (MBA), since 2015.

    4. Analysis of China's Macroeconomy(MBA), since 2019.

    5. Science and Technology Policy (Doctoral Student), since 2017.

    6. Management of Innovation and Technology (DBA), since 2018.

    Topics of Chinese Economy (MBA), 2015-up to now;

    Science & Technology Policy (Doctroral graduate), 2017.