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Cheng HUA

  • Department of:Management Science
  • Phone:+86 (0)21 52301586
  • Title:Assistant Professor
  • Email:cheng.hua@sjtu.edu.cn
Teacher profile
  • Employment

    2020 - Now      Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Management Science, Assistant Professor


    2015 - 2020    Yale Scool of Management, Operations Management, Ph.D.

    2015 - 2018    Yale University, Operations Management, Mphil

    2015 - 2017    Yale University, Statistics and Data Science, MA

    2013 - 2015    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Industrial and Operations Engineering, BSE

    2011 - 2015    Shanghai Jiaotong University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, BSE

    Honors and Awards

    2022   INFORMS Conference on Service Science Best Paper, Finalist

    2022   POMS International Conference in China Best Paper Award, Honorable Mention

    2022   SJTU Outstanding Thesis Advisor (Top 1%)

    2020   INFORMS Conference on Service Science Best Paper, Winner

    2018   INFORMS Data Driven Paper Competition, Finalist

    2015   James B. Angell Scholar

    2014   INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize, Finalist

    2014   IIE Paper Competition, Winner

    Awards by Supervised Students

    2022   INFORMS Workshop on Data Science, Student Scholarship

    2022   INFORMS Section on Finance Best Student Paper, Third Prize Winner

    2021   INFORMS Conference on Service Science Best Studen Paper, Second Prize Winner

    Research Interests

    Data-Driven Decision Making, Healthcare Management Operations, AI for Science, Big Data Analytics

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Scientific research
  • Publications

    1. Hua C, Swersey AJ. (2022) "Cross-Trained Fire-Medics Respond to Medical Calls and Fire Incidents: A Fast Algorithm for a Three-State Spatial Queuing Problem". Manufacturing and Service Operations Mangement (Forthcoming)

    2. Yang L, Heinlein J, Hua C, Gao R, Hu S, Pfefferle L, He Y. (2022) "Emerging Dual-functional 2D Transition Metal Oxides for Carbon Capture and Utilization: A Review".  Fuel, 324 (2022), 124706

    3. Xing W#, Hua C#. (2022) "Optimal Unit Locations in Emergency Service Systems with Bayesian Optimization" Accepted by INFORMS International Conference on Service Science

    4. Wang B#, Jing J#, Huang X#, Hua C#, Qin Q, Jia Y, Jiang L, Gao B, Wu L, Zeng X, Wang F, Liu S, Mao C. (2022) "Establishment of a Knowledge-and-Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence System with Robustness and Interpretability in Laboratory Medicine". Advanced Intelligent Systems, 4 (5), 2100204

    5. Hua C#, Xing W#. (2021) "Patient Transfer Under Ambulance Offload Delays: An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach." INFORMS International Conference on Service Science, 337-350

    6. Liu H, Hua C, Lei C. (2021) "Dynamic Volunteer Firefighter Planning Under Stochastic Service Disruptions".  Transportation Research Part E, 154 (2021) 102459

    7. Hua C, Zaman T.  (2020) "Optimal Dispatch in Emergency Service System via Reinforcement Learning".  INFORMS International Conference on Service Science, 75-87

    8. Zhang H, Shi C, Qin C, Hua C.  (2017) "Stochastic Regret Minimization for Revenue Management Problems with Nonstationary Demands" Naval Research Logistics. Vol. 63 (6), 433-448.

    (# indicates equal contribution) 

    Working Paper

    1. Hua C, Swersey AJ, Zheng Z. "A Novel Birth and Death Chain Formulation and Solution to a Spatial Queuing Problem". (Reject and Resubmit at Operations Research)

    2. Hua C, Swersey AJ, Chiyoshi F, Innanoni AP, Morabito R. "Improving Productivity: An Emergency Service System in which Cross-Trained Fire-Medics Respond to Medical Calls and Fire Incidents". (Available at SSRN)

    3. Hua C#, Xing W#. "A Bayesian Optimization Approach for Solving Optimal Unit Locations in Emergency Service Systems" (Under Review)

    4. Di Z, Wang D, Hua C, Lin X, Hu L, Zhou W. (Under Review)

    5. Xing W#, Hua C#. "Real-Time Patient Transfer Under Ambulance Offload Delays" (Under Review)

    6. Hua C, Xing W, Swersey AJ. "Optimal Unit Locations in a Fire-Medic Joint System". (In progress)

    7. Hua C, Zaman T. "Optimal Dispatch in Emergency Service System via Reinforcement Learning". (In progress)

    8. He J#, Hua C#, Zheng Z. "Scalable Reinforcement Learning Algorithms with Dynamic Financial Data Embedding". (Under Review)

    9. Ding Y, Li Z, Tian F, Ji D, Guo F, Yang KR, Batista V, Xiao W, Hua C*, He Y. (In progress)

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Lecture course
  • AM217 Regression Analysis

    BU366 Reinforcement Learning

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