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Shiqi GUO

  • Department of:Economics
  • Phone:+86 (0)21 52301576
  • Title:Assistant Professor
  • Email:shiqiguo@sjtu.edu.cn
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    2020--Present:     Assistant Professor (with tenure track), Antai College of Economics and Management,

                                 Shanghai Jiao Tong University


    2015--2020:         Ph.D. in Development Economics, Graduate Institute of Internation and Development Studies, Geneva

    2019--2020:         Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

    2017:                    Visiting Ph.D., United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research

    2012--2015:         M.A. in Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

    2008--2012:         B.A. in Finance, Sichuan University

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Scientific research
  • Research Interests

    Development Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics, Political Economy

    Selected Publications in English

    [1] Shiqi Guo, Jiafu An, "Does Terrorism Make People Pessimistic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment" Journal of Development Economics, 2022, 155.

    [2] Shiqi Guo, “How Does Straw Burning Affect Urban Air Quality in China?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2021, 103:1122-1140.

    [3] Shiqi Guo, Pinghan Liang, Erte Xiao, “In-group Bias in Prisons” Games and Economic Behavior, 2020, 122: 328-340.

    [4] Shiqi Guo, “The Legacy Effect of Unexploded Bombs on Educational Attainment in Laos” Journal of Development Economics, 2020, 147.

    [5] Pinghan Liang, Shiqi Guo (corresponding author), “Social Interactions, Internet Access, and Stock Market Participation: An Empirical Study in China” 

         Journal of Comparative Economics, 2015, 43: 883-901.

    Selected Working Papers

    [1] Shiqi Guo, Nan Gao, Pinghan Liang, “Winter Is Coming: Early-life Experiences and Politicians’ Decisions” Revise & Resubmit at Economic Journal, 2021.

    [2] Shiqi Guo, Jiafu An, Haicheng Jiang, “Chinese Aid and Local Employment in Africa” Reject & Resubmit at Journal of International Economics, 2021.

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Lecture course
  • Undergraduate:

    Development Economics: 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring

    Research Methods and Academic Writing: 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring


    Empirical Methods for Economics and Management: 2021 Autumn, 2022 Autumn

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