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CATL and SJTU’s Antai College Join Hands to Establish 21st Century Multinational Corporation Strategy Research Institute 2024-04-17

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) signed a cooperation agreement to establish the 21st Century Multinational Corporation Strategy Research Institute. The signing ceremony was held at SJTU’s Xuhui Campus.


Key attendees included Zeng Yuqun, founder and chairman of CATL; Ni Jun, chief manufacturing officer; Qu Tao, chairman’s assistant; Liu Meng, regional representative of the United Nations Global Compact; Yang Zhenbin, party secretary of SJTU; Ding Kuiling, president of SJTU and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wang Yushen, director of the Development Liaison Office; and Chen Fangruo, dean of Antai College.


The research institute aims to promote the effective integration of industrial development and business education by exploring and researching new issues, strategies, theories, methods, and talent cultivation models that emerge during the development of 21st-century multinational corporations. It will bring together top scholars and experts in the field of international business management to build a collaborative research and exchange platform with both a global perspective and local practices.


Yang Zhenbin emphasized that this partnership marks a new chapter in the series of collaborations between SJTU and CATL, as well as an innovative exploration in the field of business. Ding Kuiling highlighted that the collaboration between top universities and leading enterprises is a trend in higher education in the new era and an effective way to achieve the integrated advancement of education, science, and technology.


Zeng Yuqun shared CATL’s commitment to integrating social responsibility into its corporate culture and analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the company in its development. He expressed that this partnership is another important milestone in the deep-rooted collaboration between CATL and SJTU.


Chen Fangruo introduced the construction plan for the research institute, focusing on its vision, strategic goals, research areas, and progress planning. Ni Jun, Liu Meng, Meng Xianzhong, and Yin Haitao conducted in-depth discussions on the future development and construction ideas of the institute.


The establishment of the 21st Century Multinational Corporation Strategy Research Institute marks a significant step forward in the collaboration between industry and academia, aiming to provide new strategic insights, cutting-edge theoretical research, and advanced solutions for the globalization of Chinese enterprises while contributing to the high-quality development of the Chinese and global economies.