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Antai College Hosts Dynamic Discussion on ChatGPT with Antai Faculty and Industry Leaders 2023-03-10

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in collaboration with AustCham Shanghai, Microsoft, Modern-Day AI, and Co-Effort Law Firm, hosted and successfully held the ChatGPT Event on March 10, 2023. The event brought together over 120 guests, including domestic and international company representatives, Antai faculty members, students and alumni, to discuss the impact of ChatGPT and the future allocation and application of resources from technical, academic, business, and legal perspectives.

The forum began with an opening remarks from Haitao Yin, Vice Dean and Professor of ACEM. In his speech, Professor Yin welcomed the attendees, emphasized his excitement for the new age of artificial intelligence, and expressed his thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with all the wonderful partners. In addition, he stated that ACEM, as one of the main educational institutions in Shanghai, would continue to uphold its social duty and will thus strive to provide a comprehensive selection of program options. ACEM has been continually innovating in the education sector, and recently launched an online course platform named "Doing Business in China (DBIC Online, )", designed specifically for international business learners.

Mr. Simon Woods, CEO & Executive Director of AustCham Shanghai, Ms. Lily Zheng, Director of Partner Strategy for Microsoft Greater China Area, and Mr. Jiang Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Association of AI, delivered additional introductory statements, expressing their enthusiasm about ChatGPT and the transformative potential of AI technology.

Microsoft's Technical Director of SMC&GPS for Greater China, Mr. Austin Wang, gave a presentation titled "Unleash the Power of AI." During this session, Wang highlighted that ChatGPT is a highly powerful tool that can be trained using deep reinforcement and machine learning capability with human feedback. It is beneficial not only for content production, summarization, and code development tasks but also for undertaking semantic research.

The following roundtable was moderated by Mr. Beecher Ashley-Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Ajinga. Participants included Chunxiao Li, Academic Director of AI-MBA program and Assistant Professor of ACEM, Mr. Jazzen Chen, international strategy and operations director of Jingteng Tech, and Sibo Qing, senior partner of Co-effort Law Firm. During the panel discussion, participants had in-depth conversations about ChatGPT and shared their views from technical, academic, business, and legal perspectives. Chunxiao Li noted that ChatGPT would influence the delivery of education in the next 3 to 5 years. The model would help accelerate the learning process of students, but scholars need to understand algorithms, have the ability to prompt the right questions, and be deeply aware of some current issues and limitations of ChatGPT, including biases, to effectively generate answers from the platform.

Mr. Haihui Wang, Director of International Office of ACEM, delivered a concluding statement to bring the event to a close. He emphasized that Antai College would continue to have an interest in cutting-edge themes and knowledge, endeavoring to have engaging dialogues in the future with professionals in a wide range of industries, both locally and internationally.