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Doing Business in China (DBIC) Online Learning Platform Launched by ACEM 2022-10-25

Globalization, localization, post-Covid, human capital, digital transformation...... The world is undergoing great changes than ever. With the rapid development of China, a surging number of both enterprises and entrepreneurs are seeking an exciting engagement with China.

With the vision to build “a world-class business school firmly rooted in China”, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who is a leader and pioneer in digital transformation of business education in China and beyond, launched its grand new Doing Business in China (DBIC) Online Learning Platform in English language at the 9th International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC) on Oct. 20th.

At the program launch, Dean and Professor CHEN Fangruo from ACEM unveiled the details of DBIC platform to both online and offline audience, a cohort of more than 400 people from 33 countries across 5 continents. “DBIC offers a Real China Perspective. It offers a platform for you to learn China-specific business ecology and practices in a globally engaging way. You will expand your knowledge about China, gain China business capabilities and build a foundation for future academic or career pursuits through our frontier knowledge and business insights.”

As Chen disclosed in the program launch, the DBIC platform now hosts more than 70 sessions of individual courses ranging from 8 subject areas such as finance, data and business intelligence, economics, marketing, and organizational management. The DBIC content will continuously grow and get updated.

The DBIC platform, being the first of its kind in mainland China, targets overseas students, young professionals, or even enterprises who are interested in doing business in China. With the website address:, you can access all courses anywhere in the world. China business, thus a click away.

All courses on DBIC platform come in the universal language of English and in the format of either a lecture or an executive dialogue. While lectures promote the frontier knowledge crystalizing the expertise of ACEM faculty including distinguished professors, executive dialogues invite business leaders from various industries, including presidents from chambers of commerce and top leadership from fortune 500 companies, to discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities on economic and financial matters relevant to China and beyond.

At the closing of the launch, Chen guided the audience through a DBIC learning journey. Individual learners can start their DBIC learning journey with a few simple steps of user registration. Click “Register” at the upper right of the Home page, or click “Enroll” when you explore the featured courses. While individual learners are quite self-paced, corporate clients can enjoy a custom program tailored to meet the strategic development of the organization by contacting our DBIC Team directly via Both group programs and custom programs are open for further discussions.

The DBIC platform was well-received immediately after its launch and friends from media, chamber of commerce, academic institutions and corporates followed closely on the matter.

“Nobody can afford not to be in China these days”, said by Jens Ewert, Senior Partner of Deloitte China in an executive dialogue video-taped for our Doing Business in China program. However, “the DBIC learning platform brings you immediate access, from anywhere in the world, at any time, to a growing library of current, in-depth and highly informed perspectives on the business and socioeconomic environment in today’s China, which significantly lowered the learning cost of MNCs when investing or trading in China. We offer rich yet flexible studies to interested individuals and highly customized programs to corporate users. Through cross-national collaborations between business schools, we hope to further promote mutual understanding of different cultures, enhance mutual respect among people and advancing the globalization drive in a positive way.” stressed by Professor Yin, who is the Associate Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management and also the moderator of the conference.