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Story of the Engineering Building of SJTU 2022-08-24

On February 14, ninety-one years ago, it was snowing heavily and the ground was fully covered in white. On the north side of Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), the foundation of a great building was laid, and Chinese and foreign guests, teachers and students rushed there for photo-taking. Wang Shengshan, the Dean, who at that time was of the School of Mechanical Engineering, SJTU, said: "This is rather an interesting picture.” The great building is the Engineering Building, which was designed by Laszlo Hudec, a master architect who successfully designed famous works such as Wukang Mansion, Park Hotel and Grand Theatre. The building enjoys a prominent position in the modern architectural history of Shanghai, which was listed in the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection buildings in 2019.


As the most modern laboratory and engineering teaching building in Shanghai and even the whole country at that time, the Engineering Building was an important place for experts, professors and academic groups to hold academic reports and lectures. Famous alumni Qian Xuesen, Zhang Guangdou and Jiang Zemin used to conduct experiments or attend classes in this building. In the Engineering Building, the hard-working faculties and students created many miracles and made outstanding contributions to resolving major key technological issues in national and defense projects. The Engineering Building has witnessed the cultivation of numerous political leaders, academic masters, business elites and social talents serving the country and the nation.


The Engineering Building couldn't be completed without the fund-raising support of numerous alumni and public personages. In 1926, on the 30th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (then known as Nanyang University), Zhang Yuanji, Wang Qingmu, Lu Mengxiong, Cai Yuanpei, etc. jointly proposed to raise funds for the construction of the Engineering Building. With the enthusiastic solicitation of many alumni, some funds were raised. Later, with the efforts of Sun Ke, Minister of Railways and Li Zhaohuan, Executive Vice Minister of Railways, a sum of funds was raised from the Ministry of Railways, and then the Engineering Building was completed.


Today, the Engineering Building has experienced 91 glorious years, and now it needs to be renovated as a whole. In 2021, thanks to the care and support of University’s leaders and numerous warm-hearted alumni, “Shanghai Jiao Tong University Engineering Building Fund” was set up, primarily for the overall maintenance of the Engineering Building and the improvement on software and hardware facilities. On November 8, 2021, the donation agreement signing ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Green Court Capital Management Limited and the inauguration ceremony of the Engineering Building Fund were successfully held. Through the foundation established by Green Court Capital Management Limited, the alumni generously donated 3 million dollars, which is the first large donation to the Engineering Building Fund.


The Engineering Building bears the beautiful campus memories of generations of SJTUers. The Engineering Building Fund will provide financial support for the construction and maintenance of the Engineering Building and help the “Double First-class” development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The renovated Engineering Building will continue to serve as a teaching and scientific research building. All alumni of SJTU and friends and enterprises from home and abroad are welcome to contribute their own strength and love. Let's work together to help the Engineering Building take on a beautiful new outlook and nurture a new generation of talents for the society.



Donation Methods

1.   The alumni crowdfunding platform of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( RMB90 yuan at minimum


2.   Donation by agreement: If the donation amount exceeds RMB100,000 yuan, it is recommended to transfer the money via bank and sign a donation agreement with the university.


Donation Benefits

1. Every donor will receive a donation certificate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Development Foundation will issue a corresponding donation receipt, namely a corresponding unified bill for public welfare donation, which can be used for tax credit.

3. Every donor can get an exclusive customized souvenir of the Engineering Building Fund.

4. The alumni crowdfunding platform of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( will report the donation update in real time. The names of all donors will be published on the alumni quarterly “Classmate-ACEM” and the alumni website of the college for acknowledgement.

5. The names of all donors will be kept in the Museum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's History, and the names of donors before the reopening ceremony of the Engineering Building will be boxed and sealed underground.

6. Any donor with a single donation of more than RMB10,000 yuan can have their names engraved on the renovation monument.

7. Large donations can be included in the renovation record of the Engineering Building.

8. If the donation reaches a certain amount, the donor can apply for naming the internal lecture hall, classroom, or seat, etc. in the Engineering Building with his/her name for donation according to the management regulations of the University.

Donation Contact

Contact: Ms. Song

Tel: 52301065