Rice donated by caring social organizations rushed to the front line of Jiaotong University to fight against epidemic diseases 2022-05-18

Since the school launched the anti epidemic emergency response program, during the implementation of closed campus management, the health status and nutritional security of students in the school have affected the hearts of many alumni and love organizations. Under the communication and coordination of Fei Fan, a 95 year old alumnus of the Antai School of economics and management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and an executive partner of the life science industry of Ernst & Young in China, the Shanghai Party committee of Ernst & Young donated a total of 5 tons of Chongming Hengsha high-quality rice with a market value of about 95000 yuan to the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, helping our teachers and students actively fight against the epidemic.

On May 4, a truck full of rice carrying the love of Ernst & Young Huaming Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) successfully arrived at Xuhui campus. Through the full cooperation of the school's logistics personnel and volunteer teachers, the quantity of materials was counted and comprehensively disinfection and sterilization, and the love rice was transported to the canteen warehouse one by one.

Ernst & Young Huaming Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) is one of the largest certified public accountants in China. It has long-term friendly cooperation with Aetna Jiaotong University in talent training and recruitment. Alumni Fei Fan cares about the development of his alma mater, has served as a student career mentor for many times and has often supported activities. The material donation this time has strongly supported his alma mater.

After the outbreak of the Jiaotong University epidemic, many alumni and love organizations took the initiative to contact the school, contributed their love, actively carried forward the spirit of fighting the epidemic with one heart and overcoming difficulties, supported the epidemic prevention and control with practical actions, and brought warmth and strength to the front line of the "epidemic"; The alumni who contacted and donated materials outside the school, together with the teaching staff who ensured the students in the school, were brave to take responsibility and willing to contribute, which set an example for everyone in this epidemic prevention and control. From the love relay of "love apple", "love rib", "love snack" to "love rice", people of Jiaotong University and all sectors of the society dedicated to love work together to overcome the epidemic, and Jiaotong University will win the battle!