Alumni of ACEM help Beijing Winter Olympics 2022-02-21

In the past ten days, the Winter Olympics has firmly occupied the heat center of the Internet. Last night, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially closed. The Chinese delegation won 9 gold, 4 Silver and 2 bronze medals, ranking third in the gold medal list. This is also the best result in the history of China's participation in the Winter Olympics! Let's praise every ice and snow athlete who has worked hard!

In the preparatory process of this winter Olympic Games, the alumni enterprise "smart manufacturing" of Antai School of economics and management of Shanghai Jiaotong University made a brilliant debut. Antai people from all walks of life helped the Winter Olympic Games with science and technology, wisdom, hard work and sweat, and demonstrated wonderful China to the world!

Let's review the figures of those Antai people at the Beijing Winter Olympics!