2005 EMBA alumnus Wu Jie led the enterprise to win the National May day Labor Medal 2022-05-14

On April 28, the 2022 celebration of the "May Day" International Labor Day and the National May Day Labor award and the National worker pioneer was held in Beijing in the form of a teleconference. Wu Jie, the 2005 EMBA alumnus of Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai School of economics and management, the director of Shanghai Jiaotong University Guangdong Alumni Association, the director, party secretary and deputy general manager of Guangzhou COSCO Shipping Construction Industry Co., Ltd., led the enterprise Guangzhou COSCO Shipping Construction Industry Co., Ltd. to win the "National May Day labor Award" in 2022. WuJie attended the video conference at Zhudao hotel in Guangzhou, and attended the 2022 Guangdong International Labor Day celebration and model worker commendation conference.