Sino-US Global Logistics Institute (SUGLI) 2022-09-09


Founded in October 2005, Sino-US Global Logistics Institute (SUGLI) is a forward-looking institute with a global vision and a mission for research, education and industry outreach in logistics. SUGLI is a collaboration between Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Georgia Institute of Technology. The establishment and development of SUGLI is also supported by National Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal People's Government and Hong Kong C.Y. Tung Foundation. As a logistics relevant inter-disciplinary platform, SUGLI is jointly constructed by the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering and is subordinate to ACEM of SJTU for its operation. 

Our Mission

Based on our extensive experiences on academic discipline development in the field of Management Science and Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Transportation Engineering, and International Shipping, SUGLI aims to:

Ÿ   nurturing high-quality and innovation-oriented talents in global logistics and engineering systems management;

Ÿ   building an international research and technology development platform in modern logistics and engineering systems management;

Ÿ   Connect with major national needs in important fields such as modern logistics and supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing operation management, service engineering and medical and health service management;

Ÿ   providing the government and industry with tailor-made policy research and specialist consultancy services 

Our Research Focus

Taking SJTU’s strong advantages in engineering and management disciplines, SUGLI has being undertaken high level application-oriented research including diving into up-to-date problems and developing new technologies in the field of logistics, so as to make essential contributions to social-economical demands. Against the current backdrop of “Industry 4.0”, “Made in China 2025”, intelligent manufacturing and the development of modern service industry, and enabled with new information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as Internet of Things, big data, mobile internet, cloud technology and artificial intelligence, the institute is being restructured and  expanded in its research fields from previously focusing only logistics into broader range of engineering systems management including logistics. Faculty members are actively engaged in a wide range of research initiatives in the following but not limited to topics: 

Ÿ   Modern logistics and supply chain management

Ÿ   Medical and health engineering management

Ÿ   Intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing operation management 

Our Alumni

More than 200 graduates (degrees) have gone to work and become industry elites and leaders.