Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship are widely recognized as effective ways to revitalize the global economy. International markets seek new ideas and innovative business practices, which have the potential to strengthen and stabilize economic growth. So many regions, including China, are striving to develop entrepreneurial management practices and create supportive environments that foster and enable innovation.

Business schools are the origins of many successful entrepreneurship practices, and play a vital role in boosting development of economies and the prosperity of business. This requires the business education industry to reflect on questions such as how to nurture management talents who are able to generate new ideas and implement the ideas in innovative ways.

The Fifth International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC) hosted by the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has established “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” as its theme. We expect the conference will foster discussions on the latest developments in innovation and entrepreneurship, and exchange viewpoints on our two parallel session topics: “Why Business Schools’ Innovation Education is Driving Sustainable Development” and “Business Schools’ Education about Entrepreneurship”.

In addition, we note that some changes in international accreditation standards indicate that the innovation and sustainability of business schools are increasingly recognized as priorities, so the IBSSC features a bonus session on “New International Accreditation Standards for the New Management Education Era”, to discuss the trend and how business school will respond to it. At the same time, we will hold a round table panel discussion on “Future of Management Education: Emerging Opportunities for Asian B-schools”.

The biennial IBSSC is one of the most important forums held by ACEM. Since the first successful conference in 2006, the IBSCC has itself become an international brand.

Each time, IBSSC convenes more than 100 deans from overseas business schools, and all top 100 domestic business school deans to exchange their ideas on cutting-edge topics in the field of management education. IBSSC has become the largest dean-level conference for business schools in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to its focused themes, global scale and western and eastern integration, the IBSSC has already become an extremely valuable forum for business schools around world, and Antai is committed to developing the IBSSC into the most influential management forum in the international management education circle.

Who should attend?

Presidents and Vice Presidents, Deans/Directors/Rectors and Associate Deans/Directors/Rectors from leading business schools/colleges/universities in the world; Directors in international relations, international accreditations; and top executives from international organizations in business education industry.