We are sure that you will have challenges as well as exciting opportunities during your stay at ACEM. As the first China-based business school triply accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the best business schools in China and has achieved a worldwide reputation. ACEM is proud of its outstanding faculty for their strong academic background and excellent research capability. As of June 2022, ACEM has 178 full-time faculty members. Among them, twenty-six have been selected into national-level talent plans. There are seven recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and eight recipients of the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars. Our faculty members work within and collaborate across eight departments. Each year the ACEM faculty publish over 100 high quality research papers in SSCI/SCI journals, leading the way of research in the field of management and economics in China. ACEM students have immediate access to some of China’s and even world’s greatest scholars. ACEM students engage and collaborate with faculty in many different contexts. Professors have a vested interest in students' success and share a deep commitment to business education.

In recent years, ACEM has launched three programs fully delivered in English: Bachelor of Science in Finance, Master of International Business (MIB) and the International MBA Program. Supported by its strong faculty and advanced research background, ACEM offers students cutting-edge courses and seminars. Scholars and business elites from top universities and companies are invited to give seminars and talks frequently.

ACEM offers great opportunities for the students’ global exposure. Annually, around 150 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students have chance to go to nearly 80 universities in America, Canada, UK, Germany, and other countries for one-semester exchange. Meanwhile, over 200 international students from more than 40 countries come to ACEM as exchange students every year.

ACEM has established partnership with a wide range of enterprises. ACEM graduates continue to attract the attention of recruiters from top enterprises. Our graduates play an active role in leading multi-national companies, private companies, state-owned enterprises, and government institutions, accomplishing their career goals, while at the same time creating value for the society. 

Welcome on board!

You have chosen to enrich your academic knowledge and gain new experiences by studying in MIB program at ACEM!

Program Overview

The program of Master of International Business (MIB) intends to create a community of diverse culture, and aims to train and develop talented students to have a comprehensive understanding of global business and a deep insight into China’s dynamic business environment as well as knowledge about China’s history, culture, law, and policy. Meanwhile, we encourage and facilitate the students to approach and practice in the Chinese industries so that upon graduation they are equipped with both advanced knowledge and practical sense of doing business in China.

Program Duration and Credits

The duration of Master of International Business is 2 years. The study period for master students is generally no more than 3 years starting from the first day of registration as a student of SJTU.

Degree and Diploma

The student will be granted a Graduate Certificate and a Master’s Degree in Science of Business Administration after acquiring all required credits and passing dissertation defense.The attached guidebook is to provide you with the practical information that you will need at SJTU. It also provides you with contact information of related offices that you might find useful and helpful during your stay here.