Shanghai Jiao Tong University Exam Instructions

Publisher:Teaching Affiars Administration    Time:2018-06-13

1. All the students should abide by “Shanghai Jiao Tong University Examination Disciplines”, following the instructions of invigilators.

2. Candidates must show the campus card or ID card when taking the exam. Those without such identification documents are not allowed to take the exam. Candidates should enter the exam room 10 minutes in advance. Those who are late for 15 minutes or more are not allowed to take the exam.

3. Students should sit in the seat designated by the invigilator and place their valid ID cards in the designated position. No exam papers will be issued to those who do not follow the instructions.

4. Candidates who take the close-book examination are not allowed to place any teaching or reference materials around the desks. Candidates who take the open-book examination are not allowed to use computers or similar electronic devices. Students may use paper materials permitted by the examiners, but they are not allowed to borrow materials from each other.

5. Before the examination begins, the examinee should assist the invigilator to inspect the examination room. If there is any handwriting or review material left around the examination area, the examinee should report to the invigilator immediately.

6. Examinees are not allowed to use mobile phones or other wireless communication devices during the test. Mobile phones and other communication tools shall not be used as timing tools either.

7. Except for problems such as errors in the distribution of exam papers or illegibility, the examinee may raise his/her hand to ask the invigilator to solve problems. Irrelevant questions cannot be raised.

8. Students should fill in their name, student number and other information in the designated position of the test paper, and answer the questions independently within the prescribed time. Only 30 minutes after the exam begins, can the students turn in their papers and leave the room.

9. When the student has to leave the examination room temporarily (such as to go to the washroom) during the examination, he/she shall be accompanied by an invigilator. Relevant information should be recorded accordingly.

10. When the bell rings at the end of the examination, candidates should stop answering questions immediately and stay at their seats. Invigilators should collect all examination materials including the examination paper, the answer sheet and the draft paper.

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