2019 Antai Summer School of Management Science and Engineering Recruitment starts

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Antai 2019 Summer School of Management Science and Engineering will be held in Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University from July 3 to July 20, 2019.

This summer school will give special reports and seminars on the frontier theories and research methods of management science and engineering, aiming at providing academic postgraduates with opportunities for academic exchanges and seminars with renowned professors at home and abroad, improving their scientific research and innovation capabilities, and promoting the writing and publication of their researches.


1.       Schedules



Essential information

Theme (tentative)

July 3-4

Bin Gu

Professor and Vice-Dean of   Arizona State University; The visiting professor (full-time) of Management   Information System of Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong   University; Senior Editor-in-Chief of MIS Quarterly Journal

Research on Network Platform   Mechanism

July 5-6

Zhiqiang Zheng

Professor, University of Texas,   Dallas, USA; Professor, Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai   Jiao Tong University; Professor, 1000-person Program, Central Group   Department; Senior Editor-in-Chief of ISR Journal

New Advancements in Empirical   Analysis Methods

7 July Morning

Bin Zhang

Assistant Professor, Department   of Management Information Systems, University of Arizona; Visiting Fellow,   Carnegie Mellon University; Vice President, INFORMS Artificial Intelligence   Branch; Vice Editor, Electronic Commerce Research

Large Social Network Analysis

7 July Afternoon

Bayesian Models for Analyzing   Peer Influences

8 July Morning

A Deep Learning Approach for   Understanding Medical Knowledge   from   Social Media Videos

8 July Afternoon

Hospital Readmission Prediction   Using Trajectory-Based Deep   Learning   Approach

July 9-10

Xinwei Deng

Associate Professor, Department   of Statistics, Virginia Technological University, USA; Editor-in-Chief of IISE   Transactions; Associate Editor-in-Chief of Technimetrics; Associate   Editor-in-Chief of Statistical Theory and Related Fields

Statistical Learning and Data   Analytic

July 11-12

Guodong Gao

Associate Professor, Smith   Business School, University of Maryland; Deputy Director, Health Information   and Decision System Research Center, Smith Business School; Deputy Editor,   MISQ, Management Science

How to Save Healthcare Using IT

July 13-14

Yilu Zhou

Associate Professor of   Information Systems Direction, Fordham University Gabelli Business School,   USA; Chief Scientist, French Cube (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Text Analytics

15 July Morning

Yuqing Ren

Associate Professor, Department   of Information and Decision Science, University of Minnesota Business School,   USA; Senior Editor-in-Chief, Organization Science

Theory Development

15 July Afternoon

Methodological Fit

16 July Morning

Agent-based Modeling

16 July Afternoon

Organization & Social   Psychology Theories

July 17-18

Jie Xu

Associate Professor, Department   of Systems Engineering and Operational Management, George Mason University,   USA; Associate Editor, Journal of Simulation, Asia-Pacific Journal of   Operational Research

Simulation Optimization with   Discrete Decision Variables

July 19-20

Jiaqiao Hu

Associate Professor, Department   of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Stony Brook, New York State   University; Editor-in-Chief, IISE Transactions; Deputy Editor-in-Chief,   Operations Research

Simulation Optimization with   Continuous Decision Variables

Address: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai

Specific time: 9:00-12:00 a.m.; 14:00-17:00 p.m.


2.       Application Process

1)      Target audience

Summer School welcomes the application of master and doctoral students in related disciplines from well-known universities at home and abroad.

2)      Enrollment Scale

100 students.

3)      Application Process

(1)    Application: Applicants should write a summary of their current research, which is about 400 words in length, and fill in the registration information and upload it for submission. The deadline for registration is 17:00 on May 20, 2019. The registration links are as follows:



(2)    Admission Notification and Confirmation: The Summer School Organizing Committee will notify each applicant of their admission results by e-mail before June 10. Applicants should confirm their participation by email;

(3)    Please keep an eye on the Doctoral Home Page of Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the latest information on this summer school:

4)      Registration Time

Admitted students are requested to register at the designated place by mail on June 30, and to receive their attendance certificates for the admission.

5)      Special notes

Summer school needs participation on all days. Summer school does not charge any fees, but the related fees (transportation, accommodation, catering, etc.) are borne by the participants themselves.


Contact: Minyan Huang


Tel: 021-52302577


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