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The first meeting in 2019 Graduate Education Steering Committee Meeting was successfully held

Publisher:Teaching Affiars Administration    Time:2019-03-14

The first meeting of the 2019 Annual Graduate Education Steering Committee was successfully held. Education Steering Committee is an important consulting and decision-making institute for postgraduate training. The conference focused on topics such as recruitment reform, postgraduate training, and institution construction. The meeting was hosted by Associate Dean Tang Ningyu. Dean Chen Fangruo, Party Secretary Yang Jie, Associate Dean Wan Guohua and 25 teachers from first-level discipline attended the meeting.

Professor Tang Ningyu first introduced the current status of recruitment and training of the graduate students to the participating committee members, and then focused on the improvement of recruitment mode and assessment methods, revision of postgraduate training programs, postgraduate training process and quality improvement, and management system improvement.

Dean Chen Fangruo analyzed the existing problems and put forward his own views and suggestions based on the practices of top universities in North America.

Based on his many years of work experience and the practices in other colleges, Professor Yang Jie shared his insights and suggestions.

Members conducted thorough and enthusiastic discussions on the methods of assigning quotas for PhD admissions, the admission process for PhD students, the evaluation methods for high-level papers, and the training of undergraduate-Ph.D students.

After the plenary session, the members of the three disciplines of Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration and Applied Economics discussed the specific issues of their respective disciplines and proposed constructive proposals.

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