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New Supervisors Training Session was successfully held

Publisher:Teaching Affiars Administration    Time:2018-11-29

In order to strengthen the construction of the postgraduate instructor team, the sense of responsibility, and ensure the quality of postgraduate training, the Antai College of Economics and Management held a postgraduate instructor training meeting for the newly added postgraduate tutors in the past two years. The meeting was held on November 28.

The training session was delivered by the Vice President, Professor Tang Ningyu, and more than a dozen new instructors and staff of the Academic Affairs Office attended the training session.

Dean Tang pointed out that the postgraduate tutor is the first person responsible for postgraduate training. The tutor plays an important role in the cultivation and education of students and the leading of academic values. The main purpose of this training is to help the tutors fully understand the postgraduate training. Various policies and processes, build a platform for teachers to learn from each other and share and exchange. The training mainly introduces and comprehensively interprets the relevant situation of graduate tutors from the aspects of tutor duties, tutor qualification application, quota allocation and enrollment rules, student training process, degree application and award, and academic integrity. The instructors focused on the questions and opinions of the doctoral students' review papers, the papers, the papers, the international review, and the identification of the dissertation.

The Graduate Instructor Training Conference aims to build a mentor exchange platform, assist the instructor to innovate the postgraduate guidance method, concentrate on scientific research and postgraduate training, promote the scientific spirit, and successfully complete the duties of establishing a person, teaching and educating people.


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