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China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition SJTU Semi-Finals: Igniting Innovation and Shaping Dreams 2024-05-27


On May 19, 2024, the semi-finals of the 22nd China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) showcased a dazzling display of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Fifteen elite teams pushed the boundaries of tradition with their cutting-edge ideas, contributing to a new chapter in entrepreneurship.

Team Hou Rui secured the first prize with their groundbreaking Spatial Multi-omics New Technology Platform, integrating proprietary technology, laser microdissection, and sequencing to address pain points across the biomedical industry chain.


The first prize winner: Hou Rui's team

The competition featured projects spanning artificial intelligence, big data, new materials, and life and health, with AI empowerment for business applications and domestic substitution as key themes. The top three projects leveraged cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in their respective fields.

Esteemed judges from academia and the investment community provided valuable insights and advice to the participants and future entrepreneurs. They highlighted key factors for success, explored new directions for entrepreneurship, and emphasized the importance of market capacity, competitive barriers, team strength, logic, teamwork, and innovation.

As the competition concludes, the sparks of wisdom, courage to innovate, and relentless pursuit converge into an unstoppable force. The national finals of the 22nd China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition promise to unveil more entrepreneurial dreams and innovative journeys.