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JMA International Symposium Successfully Held 2023-12-29

From December 20th to 21st, 2023, the Journal of Management Analytics (JMA), founded by Antai College of Economics and Management, held the JMA International Symposium at the University of Murcia (UM), Spain.


JMA participants include Professor Yuan Li from Antai College and Professor Lida Xu from Old Dominion University, Editors-in-Chief; Professor Lingxia Li from Old Dominion University, Professor Chee-Wee Tan from Hong Kong Polytech University, Professor Wei Jiang, and Pengzhu Zhang from Antai College, Associate Editors, Professor Yi Liu from Antai College, Editorial Board Member; Feng Liang, Director of Antai Journal Center, and Yunzhou Xu from JMA Editorial Office. UM participants include Professor Juan Samuel Baixauli Soler, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEE), Professor Marcos Anton Renart, Vice-Dean of International Relations, and other scholars from related fields.


The JMA team was warmly greeted at UM and visited the Faculty of Economics and Business Building. Professor Guohua Wan introduced Antai College and the major achievements of JMA to the UM participants. JMA’s latest Journal Impact Factor is 5.9, Q1 in Social Sciences-Mathematical Methods; its latest CiteScore is 10.9, top 2% (#4/262), top 3% (#4/160), and top 4% (#6/160) respectively in three categories. Professor Juan Samuel Baixauli Soler introduced UM and major academic achievements of the Faculty of Economics and Business(FEE), then expressed the expectation to enhance understanding and deepen cooperation with Antai College.

Following the opening, the JMA International Symposium commenced. Professor Guohua Wan hosted the morning session. Professor Yuan Li, Susana Álvarez Diez, Guohua Wan, Marcos Anton Renart, Wei Jiang, and Salvador Ruiz shared their research. Professor Wei Jiang hosted the afternoon session. Professor Lida Xu, Juan Antonio Gimenez Espin, Pengzhu Zhang, Anna Kondratenko, and Chee-Wee Tan introduced their research. The JMA editorial board and UM participants had extensive and in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge academic issues, covering corporate strategy, artificial intelligence, finance, health industry, supply chain, marketing, etc. They empowered each other, looking forward to future cooperation.

This Symposium strengthened the friendship between UM and Antai, provided a platform for collaboration among scholars, and contributed to attracting high-quality papers for JMA and enhancing its international impact.