‘Cooperation Between School and Enterprise for Win-Win Between Industry and Education’ -- Cooperation Agreement Signed by Microsoft-INESA AI Innovation Center and ACEM

Office of Alumni and External Relations    2021-03-11

On March 10 afternoon, Microsoft-INESA AI Innovation Center and Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (ACEM) signed a scientific research cooperation agreement for both parties to make in-depth discussions on jointly building a long-term cooperation in industry, education and research, as well as for further development of artificial intelligence (AI) courses, joint training of talents and AI scientific research projects. The opening ceremony was attended by Hong Xiaowen, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Global, President of MSRA (Microsoft Research Asia Pacific), President of Innovation Institute; Liu Kangping, Director of Strategic Cooperation of MSRA; Li Xin, Vice President of INESA and Chairman of Innovation Institute; Zhu Lin, General Manager of Innovation Institute; Xia Yu, CPC Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Innovation Institute; Tian Yu, Assistant to General Manager; Chen Fangruo, Dean of ACEM, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Liu Shaoxuan, Vice Dean of ACEM; Prof. Lv Wei, from AI and Marketing Research Center; Prof. Shi Zhanzhong, Director of Industrial Economic Research Center; Gao Jinxin, Director of EDP Center, etc.


Witnessed by President Hong Xiaowen, Vice President Li Xin, Dean Chen Fangruo and Vice Dean Liu Shaoxuan, the scientific research cooperation agreement was officially signed by Zhu Lin, General Manager of Innovation Institute and Prof. Lv Wei, ACEM, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Both parties agree to the following cooperation: 1. Joint project research: Innovation Institute carries out research and development, translation of research findings and technological problem-solving, meanwhile ACEM provides strategic consultation, artificial intelligence application and practice and other related services; 2. Joint talent training: including internal talent interaction, regular exchange visits, study and workshops. Both sides will jointly hold artificial intelligence and marketing related activities and meetings. Innovation Institute will set up a post-doctoral station at ACEM. Both parties will jointly organize courses related with AI talents to train such AI professionals for the country.


After the signing of the agreement, both parties also wish to do artificial intelligence empowerment research in the sectors of finance, government affairs, medical care, logistics, education and other industries, and jointly provide an overall solution in combination with the in-depth research on the industry by ACEM. In the meantime, based upon the topics on talent training, both parties will jointly develop AI leadership projects to nurture multi-disciplinary talents. Besides, both parties agree to jointly develop courses and joint business school, as well as set up a post-doctoral station by Innovation Institute at ACEM. In the future, both parties will continue to promote ‘Cooperation Between School and Enterprise for Win-Win Between Industry and Education’.

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