The Institute for Industry Research (IIR) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University officially included in the Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI)

Office of Alumini and External Relations    2020-12-20

China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center at Nanjing University (CTTREC), a key research institution jointly built by the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Nanjing University in 2015, which specializes in think tank research and the cultivation, assessment, evaluation and administration of human resources. Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI) is a think tank statistics platform and information query platform jointly developed by CTTREC and the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and strategically supported by the Guangming Daily Think Tank Research and Publication Center. CTTI is dedicated to providing Chinese think tanks with solutions to data collection, sorting, identification, storage, retrieval and utilization.

Since its founding two years ago, the Institute for Industry Research (IIR) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has been adhering to the development policy of “be grounded in China’s management practice, promote social and economic development, improve economic management theory”. IIR is building an industry-based longitudinal study approach upon the discipline-based cross-sectional study, in an effort to create an academic atmosphere featuring “interdisciplinary research, unity of knowledge and action”, return to the origin of business school development, and form a virtuous circle among practice, academic research and teaching.

Based on a full insight into a number of key industries, nearly 110 teachers at Antai in 30 industry-specific research teams are able to study the industry status and future trends from the macro and micro levels, and from the perspective of multiple disciplines. The official inclusion of the IIR, SJTU in CTTI means that the Institute has been recognized for its new progress in serving the four fields of society, government, enterprises, and teaching & scientific research.

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