ACEM Publishes a White Paper on “Plastics Reduction” Together with Unilever and Alibaba

Office of Alumni and External Relations    2020-11-30

On November 6th 2020, Unilever, together with ACEM and Alibaba, held a launch ceremony of the latest sustainable project "Waste Free World" at Unilever headquarters. At the same time, the sustainable development communication meeting was also held at Unilever's stand during CIIE. As ACEM is a co-author of the white paper on plastics reduction in this launch ceremony, Dean Chen Fangruo of ACEM attended the conference and delivered a speech.

This white paper project was prepared, organized and arranged by the MBA Dragon Project team of ACEM. It adheres to rigorous and cutting-edge business theories, helps enterprises to solve short-term practical problems, provides valuable services, and enables full-time MBA program students to use their leadership, teamwork and problem-solving ability in a real business environment. This white paper project was jointly initiated and borne by Unilever and ACEM. (See the attachment for the details of the white paper) 

This Dragon Project team is composed of Glenn Budhi Santoso, Yu Wenqing and Yang Runlu from the full-time MBA class of ACEM and the student Zhang Yifan from Sino-US Global Logistics Institute, and led by Glenn. As the final deliverable of the project was a white paper, the CLGO project team invited the professor Zhu Qinghua of ACEM as the special instructor for the project. At the beginning of the project, Robin Zhang (Procurement Director, North Asia, Unilever) and Annie Tao (Procurement Manager) were invited to ACEM, to have a deep communication with all members of the project team, which was then clear about the goal to achieve in this project. After four months of writing, the white paper was finalized. During the project, the team members conducted several coordination and internal & external communications, and finally passed the review by various departments of Unilever and Alibaba. The White Paper on Sustainable Development of Plastics written by the project team provides detailed analysis on the issues of waste plastics. Meanwhile, it also advocates to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and promote circular economy from the perspective of digital empowerment, providing a strong endorsement for the promotion of this “Waste Free World” project.

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