Economics and Management Subjects of SJTU Perform Well in the Best Subject Rankings of Shanghai Ranking and USNews


Recently, Shanghai Ranking and USNews published the Best Chinese Subjects Ranking and the Best Global Universities by Subject Area respectively. As two internationally influential university ranking authorities, their subject rankings attracted a lot of attention. The economics and management subjects of SJTU perform well in both rankings.

In the Best Chinese Subjects Ranking 2020 published by Shanghai Ranking, the business management subject of SJTU ranks in top 2%, keeping the leading position; the management science and engineering subject ranks in top 2-5%, keeping the same level as 2019; and the applied economics subject ranks in top 5-10%. This year, 4946 subjects from 485 universities were in the ranking. Shanghai Ranking began to publish the Academic Ranking of World Universities from 2003 and began to publish the Best Chinese Subjects Ranking from 2017, with the indicator system covering five categories: high-end talents, scientific research projects, awards, academic papers and talent training, to measure the targets with objective indicators.

In the USNews Best Global Universities by Subject Area in 2021, SJTU ranks the 61st in the subject area “Economics and Business”, going up by 20 positions from the 81st in 2020, a significant progress, and keeping stable among the top 100 of the world. The USNews Best Global Universities rankings are published by U.S. News & World Report. The subject ranking in 2021 evaluates 38 subject areas, and 1488 subjects of 200 different Chinese universities were included in the list of this ranking.

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