ACEM Prof. Li Nan's MOOC in English-taught course on "Commercial Bank Management" reported by CCTV News

Office of Alumni and External Relations    2020-04-11

On April 10, a video conference held by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on curriculum development on the international platform for online teaching of higher education pointed out that during the pandemic, online teaching practices have yielded remarkable results.  The Ministry of Education will launch the English version of the international platform for online learning that offers students worldwide a batch of high-quality courses in English provided by Chinese universities and colleges. On April 11, "CCTV Morning News" reported and showcased courses in English provided by colleges and universities nationwide, including Prof. Li's "Commercial Bank Management".

While attaching importance to drawing on the world's advanced economic management theory, ACEM (Antai College of Economics & Management) as always, is committed to sharing with the world China's experience in economic development and management practice. Curriculum development in English is key to achieving this goal. Prof. Li's course "Commercial Bank Management" rolled out on Chinese University MOOC (iCourses) in December 2019. The course combines theoretical discussion with case analysis, and incorporates the teaching idea "participant-centered learning (PCL)" championed by Harvard Business School (HBS) to enable students to perceive the importance and particularity of modern commercial banks in the economic system, master and use approaches flexibly to manage various risks incurred by financial institutions in different economic environments.

ACEM will continue to create and foster high-quality online courses in English, offer them to students worldwide, and continuously enhance its international competitiveness and influence.

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