2018-2019 SJTU’s Top 100 Competitive Chinese Listed Companies Released

Office of Alumni and External Relations    2018-12-25

On December 24th 2018, the Institute of Chinese Enterprise Development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (“SJTU”) has released the 2nd Top 100 Competitive Chinese Listed Companies, a unique list of SJTU to be published at the end of each year.

Professor Xia Lijun, the chief expert of the research team, introduced the screening process of the list and the method to identify competitiveness. The team combines academic research with A-share data to balance corporate growth and robustness. It divides corporate competitiveness into three dimensions: growth (past), including net profits, operating profits, operating incomes, operating cash flows, and compound growth rates of stock market value in recent years; growth (future), with such indicators as industry status, industrial development space and market capacity; and robustness, including regional environment, shareholding structure, transparency and company size.

From the perspective of industries, there are more than 20 pharmaceutical companies in the list, indicating better growth and stability and stronger competitiveness of this industry; from the perspective of regions, listed companies based in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing account for more than half of the total, fully demonstrating the regional agglomeration of the competitiveness of listed companies; from the nature of enterprises, private listed companies account for more than half of the total, fully reflecting the vitality of the private economy in the capital market.

Requiring listed companies to have a market value of more than RMB10 billion each, the list has two companies with a market value of more than RMB500 billion each and most companies between RMB20-200 billion.

This list neither constitutes a direct investment recommendation nor evaluates the rationality of the current corporate valuation.

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