Prof. Chen Fangruo Serving as the New Dean of Antai College

Alumni and Public Relations Office    2018-08-03

In the afternoon of July 30, Antai College of Economics and Management had an assembly for the inauguration of its new dean. Prof. Chen Fangruo succeeded Prof. Zhou Lin as the college’s new dean. Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Cao Youyi, head of the university’s Organization Department, chaired the assembly and announced the university's views on the change of Antai College’s dean.

Zhou Lin, the outgoing dean, first made a speech. He expressed his sincere congratulations on the appointment of dean Chen Fangruo. He believed that Antai College would have a better tomorrow with the joint effort of the new dean and the faculty. Following the central theme of “choosing SJTU is choosing responsibility”, he affectionately reviewed his work and achievements at SJTU over the past decade, expressed his gratitude to the university’s leaders for their guidance, support and encouragement, and his gratitude to the colleagues at Antai College for their efforts to grow together. He said that he would continue to make his modest contributions to the college and university after being relieved of his office.

In his inauguration speech, the new dean Chen Fangruo first thanked his Alma Mater SJTU for appointing him as Antai College’s dean. He also thanked the outgoing dean Zhou Lin and Antai College’s faculty for entrusting him with a business school in good shape and among the top in China. He said that the next goal was to make Antai a world-class business school. To achieve the goal, he said the college should start by strengthening management practices, vigorously promote industry research, change the single evaluation system, expand the faculty’s “contribution spectrum” and let them find their place in the academic and practical fields.

After that, in his speech, Yang Jie, Party Committee Secretary of Antai College, welcomed dean Chen Fangruo to join Antai. He also thanked Mr. Zhou Lin and the faculty’s efforts for Antai College’s construction and development. He said he would join hands with dean Chen Fangruo to receive this relay baton properly at a high starting point, cooperate with the faculty sincerely to march toward the glorious summit together.

In his concluding remark, President Lin Zhongqin thanked Zhou Lin for his dedication to the university and welcomed Chen Fangruo to Antai on behalf of the university’s party committee. In his speech, President Lin Zhongqin commended Zhou Lin's efforts and contributions to the development of Antai, saying that he was a competent and excellent dean, hoping Zhou Lin could continue to contribute his wisdom to the development of the university’s economics and management disciplines at a higher level with a more macroscopic view after stepping down from his position as the college’s dean. He also appreciated the new dean Chen Fangruo’s speech, thinking Antai should have higher development goals. In his view, Antai is confident, capable and qualified to create a new management model and become a model for other domestic business schools to learn from. In the end, President Lin expressed some hopes for the development of Antai College.

Middle-level and above cadres and all professors of the college attended the assembly.

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