Antai College Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Alumni and Public Relations Office    2018-06-12

Antai College marks its 100th anniversary this year with a series of Centennial kickoff activities on June 12. 

“In 1918, Shanghai Jiao Tong University launched a management program, one of the first of its kind in China. It was a great achievement promoted by the then President Tang Wenzhi. Today we gather at Wenzhi Hall, named after Tang Wenzhi, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Antai, which is meaningful and significant.”said Prof. Mingyang Yu, Party Committee Secretary of ACEM.

“Looking back on the course of development of the college in the past 100 years, ACEM goes side by side with China's higher education and Jiaotong University.”Prof. Jiang Sixian, Chairperson of SJTU Council said, “ACEM needs to cultivate more managerial talents in the future development. We need to take root in China and build a foothold in Jiao Tong University. We will work to promote exchanges and integration, and upgrade ACEM to a new level.”

Zhou Lin, Dean of ACEM, reviewed the development of the economic management discipline of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in the past 100 years. 40 years of reform and opening-up provides SJTU and ACEM the best opportunity of development. International education is one of the important genes in the economics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; A high level of leadership is one of the competitive advantages. Alumni is a new force of promoting the development of the college. In the next century, the people of Antai will endeavor to develop the economic management discipline of Shanghai Jiaotong University into a truly world-class top discipline with firm faiths, broad minds and wise strategies.”

Prof. Xuan Guoliang, as the representative of all the other former teachers, gave a speech on the history and legacy of ACEM.

Guest speakers included undergraduates, masters, PhDs, MBAs and EMBA alumni. There were nearly 1000 graduates in attendance, with representatives from each area of China.

The book titled One Hundred Years of Antai about the history of ACEM was first released at the anniversary conference. Later, the signing ceremony for the school-enterprise cooperation projects was also held.

In the afternoon, a lecture themed by Antai & Politics – China’s “Five-in-One” layout was held. The forum was hosted by Professor Chen Xian of ACEM. The guests included Zhou Lin, Dean of Antai College; Lu Ming, Professor of ACEM; Hu Wei, Professor of Shanghai Party School; Zhu Xueqin, Professor of Shanghai University; Zhang Wenhong, Dean of School of Social Sciences, Shanghai University; and Zhu Dajian, Tongji University. Their sharing of research deliverables in the fields of economy, politics, culture, society and ecology is a feast for the mind.

Present at the celebration were Jiang Sixian, Chairperson of SJTU Council; Ma Dexiu, former Chairperson of SJTU Council; Xie Shengwu, former President; Zhang Ansheng and Sheng Huanye, former Vice Prisident; Jiang Xiuming and Pan Yonghua, former Vice Chairperson of SJTU Council; Xu Fei, President of Xi’nan Jiao Tong University; Pan Min, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department; Xu Baiquan, Wang Duqi, Wang Fanghua, Ji Jianhua, Shen Daming, former head of ACEM; teachers and students and alumini representatives.

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