FT Ranking 2017: ACEM's Executive MBA No.6 Worldwide

EMBA Centre    2017-10-17

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) is delighted to announce that the Executive MBA Programme has continued its rise in Financial Times ranking and stands at No.6 in the world this year.

The programme has gone up 26 places since first entering the rankings in 2013 and has been among global top 10 for three consecutive years.

The programme is also ranked:

        No.1 in the world for 'Salary increase'

        No.2 in the world for 'Salary today'

It has also made great strides in other evaluating criteria, up 44 slots in 'Career progress' over last year and placed at No.14 worldwide for 'Aims achieved'.

It also holds No.13 worldwide for 'Female students' thanks to a growing number of female executives and entrepreneurs in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

The programme has achieved sustained progress and maintained its position as top 10 in the world despite regulation changes brought by the Chinese government last year. It did so largely thanks to its strength in combining global knowledge with local insights.

Aimed at educating ethical business leaders, the programme devises practical curriculum catering to specific demands of doing business in China. The course modules centre on innovation, finance and the online economy, while incorporating the latest ideas and development trends based on in-depth research of the Chinese economy and numerous case studies of Chinese companies.

In the meantime, the programme also strive to cultivate international perspective through overseas modules in countries including United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Singapore, granting students opportunities to broaden horizons and acquire first-hand experiences through exchanges and internships.

'The EMBA programme closely follows contemporary development of business and society and aims at training industrial leaders promoting China's economic progress,' said ACEM Dean Zhou Lin.

'The college has also worked hard to design unique teaching methods suitable for Chinese business schools and to inscribe our answer to the new challenges of business education in China.

'The more national, the more international, and that is the core competence behind ACEM's progress in global rankings,' concluded Dean Zhou.

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