ACEM has extensive experience helping international students smoothly transition to studying at our school. With awelcoming staff and an amenable campus, international students are provided comfortable and convenient experience.

The International Office of ACEM organizes the popular ACEM International Students Activities, including China Class, Career Development Events, Cultural Visit, Chat with Dean, Let’s Party, and Keep Fit, enriching international students’ life in ACEM.

ACEM offers a number of classes in English, to prepare students for work in an industrial, multinational environment, especially students in professional programs, we maintain high standards for English-language classes.

In recent years, ACEM has launched two programs fully delivered in English: Master of International Business (MIB) and the International MBA Program. Supported by its strong faculty and advanced research background, ACEM offers students cutting-edge courses and seminars. Scholars and business elites from top universities and companies are invited to give seminars and talks frequently.

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Exchange Students
Our International Office works with international partners to create student exchange opportunities. The International Exchange Coordinators oversees international exchanges in the undergraduate and graduate programs. The coordinator handles logistical matters pertaining to student applications, nominations, transcripts, etc.


MBA program:

Ms. Miranda Liu

Tel: 0086 21 5230 7615


Undergraduate and graduate programs:

Ms. Stephanie Shi

Tel: 0086 21 5230 1522


Studying in Shanghai
Shanghai’s status as a global financial center and a world cosmopolitan city is one of the main factors for international students to choose it as their preferred destination for study. It’s a good place to experience Chinese culture and learn the Chinese language.

Studying in Shanghai gives you a chance to experience its uniqueness, culture, and history, where western culture meets traditional Chinese culture.

Shanghai’s universities offer a top education and a chance to follow your passion for broader learning while you get qualifications that are respected worldwide.

The courses here are exceptionally diverse and can increase your prospects for a good career, and bring you closer to the rest of China and the world. So, studying in Shanghai not only gives you a better understanding of China, but an international perspective as well.

Socializing students from China and abroad and learn about other cultures will help you get valuable experience for work anywhere. Studying here let you look for jobs in Shanghai, with its rapid growth and openness and its need for young talents with a global perspective and a good knowledge of China.