Dean Chen Fangruo attended the 1st Nobel Sustainability Trust Bergen Summit 2021

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2021-12-02

Dean Chen Fangruo of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University attended the 1st Nobel Sustainability Trust Bergen Summit 2021 hosted by NST (Nobel Sustainability Trust), and delivered a speech via video link on Nov 30, 2021.

The forum was initiated by Michael Nobel, chairman of the NST. This summit combined online and offline meetings. Through dialogues between think tanks, experts, scholars and business leaders, the summit conducted extensive discussions on the establishment of the Nobel Sustainability prize, the establishment of an expert review group, the principles and focus areas of the award.

The other prestigious speakers and guests are members of the Nobel family, Nobel Laureatein Economics, professor/medical experts of Technical Munich  University Germany, professor of KT Royal Institute of Technology Sweden, professor  of the school of engineering of Cambridge University United Kingdom, the Vice Chairman of China institute for innovation and development strategy, executive of LGT Royal Bank, executive of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and  GL event group of France.

“The prize of NST Sustainability Award is a celebration of a great contribution. It can not only promote global awareness, stimulate innovation, but also can encourage more and sustained effort. A global problem needs global leaders. In sustainability of Business Education, we need to educate future business leaders and stick to research frontiers in sustainable development. Also, the combination of technology and management does good to promote business model innovation (doing well by doing good). At present world, we need to come up with new questions and new theories, focus more on Big data, AI, and decision sciences.” Dean Chen said at the panel discussion. In the end, Dean Chen expressed his sincere wishes to create the future of sustainability in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

The Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation works independently and is legally registered in Switzerland since 2007 by four Nobel Family members. Formerly known as the Nobel Charitable Trust, its name was changed to the Nobel Sustainability Trust (NST) in 2011 so as to more accurately represent its role and activities. Its board of trustees today includes five members of the Nobel Family. The mission of the NST is to promote a sustainable economic growth that preserves and ultimately enhances the living systems on the planet, create opportunities for people, and harness human ingenuity in support for a prosperous common future. By participating in and supporting NST programs and activities, we encourage people to take a stand for our future as a species on a life-sustaining planet.