AmCham Shanghai President Ker Gibbs Visited Antai College

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2021-04-16

On April 14, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Mr. Ker Gibbs, visited Antai College. Dean Chen Fangruo warmly welcomed his visit and they exchanged thoughts on topics such as Sino-US relations, international trade and higher-education development. Prof. Yin Haitao, Associate Dean of Antai College, and Mr. Phil Wang, Director of the International Office joined the meeting.

Dean Chen introduced Antai’s strategy of “We strive to pursue two streams of scholarship, one horizontal and the other vertical, and the two streams cut across each other so that knowing and doing become one.” The initiative is to promote industry-specific research. This is a relatively new model of business school development in China, and a huge opportunity for Antai’s journey toward being recognized as a top business school in the world.

Mr. Gibbs said that US companies have maintained strong growth in China despite the recent tensions on government level and he expressed firm belief that the prosperous development of American companies in China will lead to more job opportunities and greater economic development on the American soil. The American Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting business communication and cooperation between the two countries.  

 Prof. Yin Haitao talked about Antai’s collaborative relations with our counterparts in the US, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), our partner on the China Leaders for Global Operations program (CLGO), University of Michigan and many others. He emphasized that we, being an academic institution, wish to continue deep engagement and collaboration with top-tier universities in the US.

 After the meeting, recording for Antai’s “Doing Business in China” flagship program, Mr. Gibbs shared his views on China’s business environment as well as challenges and opportunities facing multi-national companies operating in China.

 The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, known as the "Voice of American Business" in China, was founded in 1915. AmCham Shanghai was the third American Chamber established outside the United States, and now has 3,000 members from 1,500 companies. As a non-profit, non-partisan business organization, AmCham Shanghai is committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information.