Successful completion of 2019 Antai Global Summer Program July Session

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2019-08-01

Congratulations to the successful completion  of  2019 Antai Global Summer Program July Session on July 26th, 2019. The Associate Dean Prof. Yin, the director of international office Mr. Wang attended the closing ceremony and awarded certificates to all the students.

As we all know, the July session adhered to the nationality and cultural diversity of the program in the past seven years. A total of 37 students were recruited, including students from 16 different countries such as the United States, UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Israel, Serbia and so on. They come from a large number of internationally renowned universities such as Imperial College London, King’s College London, New York University, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of British Columbia, Tel Viv University, Central European University, University of Sydney, University of Belgrade etc.

In the past seven years, Antai Global Summer Program aims to let students quickly understand Chinese culture and Chinese business from different aspects. The three-week program consists of four modules: China's economy and management courses, Chinese language and culture lectures, high-end corporate visits, Chinese cultural experience events and city visits. Through the course lectures, corporate visits and cultural experiences, Antai Global Summer Program enables students to get in touch with Chinese culture and economy in different environments. Participants can not only acquire knowledge and learn through experience, but also obtain three credits from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The design of 2019 Antai Global Summer Program incorporates many new elements and innovations.  When talking about undergraduate courses, the program focuses on cultivating students to experience Chinese culture and living environment, cultivating students' cross-cultural and cross-border thinking, and helping their future career development and planning; the master's curriculum aims at business and economy in China, which aroused a heated discussion of self-employment between students. It trained students' practical management ability and combines case discussions, corporate forums and other diverse modes with classroom teaching. There were not only China Economics and Consumer Behavior, the featured courses, but also many courses related to hot topics, such as Human Resources, Technology and Infrastructure. The participants also visited Shanghai Volkswagen, Science and Technology Center, well-known consulting companies, and exchanged valuable experience with the company's staff. In the cultural section, this project has added several fun activities such as folding fan painting, Chinese tea art experience, and Chinese cooking class, so that students can understand and taste the unique Chinese cultural charm in their own practice.

       As the first English high-end summer program in Antai Collegewhich has overseas enrollment, we hope to enhance the internationalization level of Antai College through the program and increase popularity of Antai College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University all over the world, making all efforts to further expand and deepen cooperation with international institutions.