Company Visit to EF EdTech lab

——2019 ACEM International Students Activities

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2019-06-20

June 20, 2019, a group of international students participated in the company visit to the EF EdTech lab, under the organization of the International Office of ACEM.

Students enjoyed a talk given by Mr. William Rowe, Founder & CEO, Protein of EF, on drives of change inside EF and some of the creative cases. The talk was followed by Ms. Elaine Zhang, Head of Global RED, who shared the talent recruitment plan with the participants and anwered questions. Students also had an excellent chance to network with all the invitees from the industy, senior foreign executives and international students from other universities.

The company visit is among the spectrum of activities that the International Office of ACEM organizes to help international students establish a better understanding in China’s business reality and maintain their advantages in China’s job market. Other activities include career counseling, career workshop, internship remark service, and internship and job fair on a regular basis.