Congratulations to the successful completion of 2019 Antai Global Summer Program May Session

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2019-07-01

The class of the 2019 Antai Global Summer Program in May was successfully completed on June 7. Eighteen international students from eight countries including the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Argentina attended in May session. The class included a large number of internationally renowned universities from Harvard University, University of British Columbia, Tulane University, University of Florida, University of Minnesota, Florida International University and so on. After finishing the class, Woojin Lim from Harvard University gave a high evaluation of the project: "Participating in the Antai Global Summer Program is a really important journey in my growing-up."

Most of the students came to China for the first time. The three-week course, giving the international students a multi-dimensional understanding of contemporary Chinese culture and economy, allowed them to study together and learn from each other. The Antai Global Summer Program, as a featured brand event of Antai College of Management, is broadening its internationally influence.

The Antai Global Summer Program features"Chinese Business Practice" and "Chinese Culture" as the starting point to give students a general idea of China and Chinese business in different aspects. The project consists of four modules: China Economics and Management Course, Chinese Language and Culture Lecture, High-end Corporate Visit, Chinese Cultural Experience and City Visit. After finishing the teaching plan and the assessment, students can obtain three credits from Shanghai Jiaotong University.  

The 2019 Antai Global Summer Program incorporated much more new elements than before. In addition to the interpretation of China's business environment, the curriculum had added hot topics such as strategic thinking and innovation, consumer behavior, and international trade. And it also added the visiting part to Disney, Shanghai Fosun Group, Shanghai Volkswagen and other enterprises. In the cultural section, students experienced Chinese tea art, drama-mask painting , traditional sachets and understood the unique charm of Chinese culture in their own practice. Overseas students, during the field visits, learned about Chinese economic and business environment and first-hand experienced the economic growth and rapid development of China nowadays.

As the first English high-end summer program in Antai College of Management,which has overseas enrollment, we hope to enhance the internationalization level of Jiaotong University's Antai students through the Antai Global Summer Program and increase popularity of Jiaotong University Antai all over the world, making all efforts to further expand and deepen cooperation with international institutions.