Seminar on Spatial Political Economy

Shanghai Institute for National Economy    2017-12-01

Seminar on Spatial Political Economy

Time: Dec 15, 2017, Friday, 08:30-18:00

Venue: 317 Zhongyuan Building

Host: Lu Ming, Professor from Department of Economics, ACEM

         Xi Xican, Assistant Professor from China Centre for Economics Studies, Fudan University


08:30-09:00         Opening speech 'The Problem of the Chinese Economy is Spatial Misallocation' by Lu Ming

09:00-09:25         Urban Scale, Demographic Structure and Diversification of Non-tradable Goods: Based on Data Analysis of Dianping by Li Bing from Central University of Finance and Economics

09:25-09:50         The Myth of Low Mark-on Percentage in Big Cities: Agglomerative Effect and Competitive Effect by Zhao Ruili from Fudan University

09:50-10:20         Q&A

10:20-10:30         Tea Break

10:30-10:55         Efficiency Difference, Moving Cost and Regional Income Gap by Pi Yabin from Jinan University

10:55-11:20         Does Knowledge-intensive Service Industry Lead to Urban Stratification? Analysis and Emprical Evidence on Heterogeneity and Matching Perspective by Zhao Ting from Zhejiang University

11:20-11:45         Matching Effect and Economic Growth in Chinese Cities: A Spatial Economic Explanation by Deng Zhongliang from Renmin University

11:45-12:30         Q&A

12:30-13:30         Lunch

13:30-13:55         Fiscal Fragmentation and the Spatial Distribution of Crime Rates in the United States by Lei Jinghua from Renmin University

13:55-14:20         Entrepreneurship and Industrial Clusters: Evidence from China Industrial Census by Wu Yiyun from Zhejiang University

14:20-14:45         Government Efficiency, City Scale and Urban Productivity by Wang Jia from Yangzhou University

14:45-15:30         Q&A

15:30-15:40         Tea Break

15:40-16:05          Land Misallocation, Mortgage Effect and Loss on Productivity: Estimation Based on Corporate Data by Chen Xiaoguang from University of Western Australia

16:05-16:30         Financing by Selling Land, Local Debts and Leverage: Analysis on Land Mortgage on Local Financing Platforms by Zhang Li from Sun Yat-sen University

16:30-16:55          Spatial Optimising in Regional Development, Reducing Lands for Construction and Cross-regional Trade of Land Development Rights: Using Shanghai as an Example by Tang Maogang from Tongji University

16:55-17:40         Q&A

17:40-18:00          Concluding Remarks

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