Building Metropolitan Area in a New Era

Shanghai Institute for National Economy    2017-10-27

Building Metropolitan Area in a New Era

Host: Lu Ming, Professor from ACEM

Time: Oct 28, 2017, Saturday, 15:10-17:10

Venue: N100 Xinshangyuan Building


15:10-15:15    Opening remarks by host

15:15-15:45    Keynote speech: China's Urbanisation Process and Metropolitan Area Construction by Wan Guanghua, Professor of Economics, Fudan University and Director of Research at Asian Development Bank Institute

15:45-16:15    Keynote speech: Big Metropolitan Area and the Development of Medium and Small Cities by Feng Kui, Secretary General and Researcher of China Center for Urban Development Academic Committee

16:15-16:45    Keynote speech: Shanghai Metropolitan Area Building and the Development of Yangtze River Delta Urban Cluster by Zhang Xueliang, Chair Professor from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) and Deputy Dean of SHUFE City and Area Science College

16:45-17:10    Q&A

Welcome to attend!

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