Business Model - The Soul of a Company

Executive Education Centre    2017-10-16

Business Model - The Soul of a Company

Speaker: Fan Huizhong, Professor for ACEM Executive Education Programme

Time: Oct 26, 2017, Thursday, 13:30-17:00

Venue: N103 Xinshangyuan Building


Almost everybody believes that a good business model is half success. Management guru Peter Druker has also said that today's competition between enterprises is not a competition of products, but one of business models. The escalated war of business models, transformation, upgrading, counter-attacking, overturning, innovation and reconstruction have created endless possibilities for the commercial industry, leading to swift and steady development of businesses. 

On Oct 26, Fan Huizhong, Professor for ACEM Executive Education Programme, Founding Partner and President of Binfu Capital and SJTU supervisor for entrepreneurial projects will reveal winning business models from reowned corporations, discussing and directing ways to apply them in mid-to-small scale counterparts, and providing guidance for promoting your business.

Speaker Introduction: 

Fan Huizhong, Founding partner and president of Binfu Capital. Mr. Fan has worked in Ivy Capital, FS Fund and PinPoint Asset Management China in research and analysis. He has over ten years' experience of equity investment and has managed nearly one million rmb in total.

Open to senior executives only, please sign up by calling 021-52301299.

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