The Sharing Economy - Something New Under the Sun?

Shanghai Institute for National Economy    2017-09-27

The sharing economy is all the rage these days. But the idea itself is hardly new. In fact, communities have shared the use of assets for thousands of years in human history. Aided by modern technologies and changes in economic structures, the contemporary world is seeing an explosion of sharing access to goods and services, and ever advancing business models are constantly injecting new meanings to this long-standing idea.

However, the rapid development of sharing economy has also brought fresh criticisms. 

For example, although the rise of the sharing economy partially boosted the allocation process, unleashed economic vitality, enhanced utilisation of idle resources and made life more convenient, it also, according to some scholars, harmed labour interests by passing the uncertainty of the market onto individual employees, a social retrogression which throws in the wind years of hard-won progress in labour rights.

It is also accused of depleting public resources, as evidenced by the large numbers of sharing bikes blocking the exits of metro stations and affecting pedestrians. 

The People's Daily published an article says the sharing economy will inevitably fell victim to 'irrational boom' if it is only a case of jumping-on the bandwagon or a blind investment rush. For the sharing economy to enjoy growths in the long run, these concerns have to be addressed seriously.

A profitable business model will certainly draw a large crowd of followers, and the success of the sharing economy is a result of deep involvement of a variety of companies including manufacturers. 

For these companies, will the sharing economy bring in increasing sales values? How can they identify future customers? How to improve employee efficiency and overall productivity? The outcome for manufacturing firms participating in the sharing economy depends on the answers to these questions.

This forum will discuss the questions above, exploring the causes behind the viral growth of present-day sharing economy, whether it is good or bad for the society as a whole, should manufacturers get actively involved, what is the difference between sharing and renting, and how can companies in the sharing businesses solve different operational problems.

The Sharing Economy - Something New Under the Sun?

Time: Oct 11, 2017, Wednesday, 14:00-16:30

Venue: 317 Zhongyuan Building

Speaker: Rong Ying, Associate Professor from Department of Operational Management, ACEM

Host: Yu Mingyang, Party Secretary of ACEM


Luo Jifeng, Associate Professor from Department of Management Information System, ACEM

Zheng Huan, Associate Professor from Department of Management Science, ACEM

Welcome to attend!

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