The Art of Communication

Executive Education Centre    2017-07-13

Language is an important part of everyday work and life, and can play a significant role in the success of communications, speeches, conferences, talks and sales pitches in the business world. This Sunday, Lecturer Sun Yuyang from Shanghai Theatre Academy will help the audience master the art of communication, teaching them how to use oral and body language to raise impact and improve expression, to attract and touch the listener, to become a better speaker. 

Sun Yuyang is a lecturer of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He has trained many actors and TV show hosts, was a trainer for the Shanghai Media Group, the main radio and television station of Shanghai, the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant final and the Shanghai Expo volunteer group 2010. He is also a Certified International Professional Trainer and a corporate trainer for Hay Group.

Time: Aug 6, 2017, Sunday, 16:15-18:15

Venue: Antai College Building

For further details please sign up with the official WeChat account of '上海交大安泰高官教育'.

Welcome to attend!


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