How to Create Future - Corporate Development in a Changing World

Executive Education Centre    2017-06-20

How to Create Future - Corporate Development in a Changing World

Speaker: Meng Xianzhong, Professor from Department of Marketing, ACEM

Time: Jun 21, 2017, Wednesday, 13:30-17:00

Venue: CSG Building 2F, North 3rd Road, Nanshan Hi-Tec Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


The initiative of 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation by All' is the order of the day in present day China with new industries, new models and new formats increasingly being created. Stimulating social vitality and releasing huge amounts of creativity, it is the highlight of the country's economic development.

This trend is particularly evident in Shenzhen, a leader in Reform and Opening-up. Facing the future, we need to address three kinds of changes: periodical, lineal and exponential. How can business achieve development and progress in a changing era? How can companies deal with the fast changing competitive market and shifts in business models? How can executives plan their own solutions in this 'New Normal'?

A long-term researcher in corporate strategic development, Professor Meng Xianzhong from ACEM will discuss his findings in identifying the latest trends and creating a future. 

Speaker Introduction:

Meng Xianzhong is a Professor from Department of Marketing, ACEM. He is awarded the title of Expert with Outstanding National Contributions and is among the first Cross-century Economical Talents selected by the Ministry of Education.

He has served as a visiting scholar to Duke University and Copenhagen Business School, and has served as consultant for several provincial and municipal governments and large-scale companies. He has taught EMBA courses at Tsinghua University and Nanyang Technological University. 

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