Seminar on SOE Reform and Mixed-Ownership Reform

Shanghai Institute for National Economy    2017-05-26

Seminar on SOE Reform and Mixed-Ownership Reform

Time: Jun 5, 2017, Mon, 09:00-17:00

Venue: 317 Zhongyuan Building


08:30-09:00    Registration

09:00-10:20    Session A: Improve SOE Quality and Increase Efficiency - Carry Forward the Task of Cutting Excessive Capacity, Chaired by Professor Chen Xian from ACEM

10:35-12:10    Session B: Enhance External Restraint of SOEs - Advance the Cause of De-leveraging and Capital Market Reform, Chaired by Professor Zhong Ninghua from Tongji University

13:30-15:00    Session C: Activate Internal Stimulation of SOEs - Propel Mixed-ownership Reform, Chaired by Professor Pan Yingli from ACEM

15:15-16:45    Session D: Enhance External Restraint of SOEs - Separating Government Functions from Enterprise Management and Clearing Responsibilities, Chaired by Professor Lu Ming from ACEM

16:45-17:00    Concluding remarks by Professor Pan YIngli from ACEM

The seminar is open to doctoral students and faculty. Welcome to attend.

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