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ACEM Career Talk | 2021 Finance Graduate Ante CAI

Publisher:Office of Student Affairs and Career Development    Time:2021-07-16







1.      请介绍一下您的学习经历及毕业去向。Could you please tell us about your study experience and which company will you join in after graduation?

I am an international student from Canada. First off just a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in China, I immigrated to Canada with my family when I was 16 years old. I went to the University of Toronto and had a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Upon graduation from the MF program in ACEM, I will be joining a global food corporation for a finance-related position. 

2.      为什么选择交大安泰?读书期间有何收获?如果重读一遍,会如何安排读书时光?Why did you choose ACEM of Shanghai Jiao Tong University? How do you feel about it? What did you gain during your study period? How would you spend your study time if you were to try again?

I chose ACEM mainly for two reasons. 1) After spending 8 years overseas finishing high school and undergraduate studies, I really wanted to get a taste of what the top universities are like in China. 2) During my undergraduate study, I gradually found out that my interest is more on the business side, and I wanted to start my career in the business world. As ACEM is certainly one of the very top business schools in China, joining ACEM was an easy decision to make. Looking backward, I am very grateful for this journey and thankful to ACEM for giving me the opportunity. I have had comprehensive courses in finance-related fields that I never get in touch before. I have done four internships all in different areas of finance. Last but not the least, I have met some great teachers and friends in ACEM and they have already had a big impact in my life. 

3.      从什么时候开始实习的?如何准备实习?有何经验分享?When did you start your internship? How did you prepare for the internship? Do you have any internship experience to share?

I started my first internship in the summer right after I finish my first year. To be honest, I think the best way to prepare for internships is to study hard and try to master all courses in the first year. As there are both theoretical and practical courses, as well as seminars, these courses will pretty much get you ready for the internships. Keep an eye on the latest news in the global financial market and try to find out the logic of why the event is happening would also be beneficial. To me, I did not have a clear idea of which area I want to do before doing any internships, so I tried multiple internships in different areas and finally found out the one area that fits me the most. 

4.      请分享一下您的求职经历,什么时候开始找工作,通过哪些有效的渠道,如何找到目前就职的单位?Regarding the job hunting process: when did you start looking for a job, what effective channels did you use, and how did you get the job offer from your current employer?

I started my job hunting in the so-called “Fall hunting(秋招)” at the beginning of my second year, there was a lot of pressure during that time as job hunting and thesis were taking place at the same time. From my experience, I got most of the job postings from the WeChat groups run by ACEM faculty members. They managed the WeChat groups very well and posted the latest company recruitment information in a timely manner. I found the job posting of my current employer also in the WeChat group. I was interested in the company and what they do, so I applied to the job. I did 3 rounds of personality and logic tests, 1 round of AI interview and 3 rounds of face-to-face interview. I then started as an intern for two and half months before becoming a full-time employee after graduation. 

5.      在求职过程中,您觉得自己的外籍身份对自己有何影响,如何凸显外籍学生的优势?How do you think the foreign status affects you in the job search process and how do you highlight the advantages of being a foreign student?

Since most of the financial institutions in China are state-owned, therefore it is rather not advantageous for foreign students to join these companies compared to Chinese students. There are also some fields in finance that foreigners are not allowed to conduct due to regulations. I think multinational companies, private enterprises, and investment funds like QFII are good choices for international students.

6.      在求职过程中,有遇到特别难的情况吗,有什么建议给学弟学妹?In the process of job hunting, have you encountered any particularly difficult situations, and what advice do you have for junior students? 

Job hunting always never goes as smooth as one expects. I have encountered all kinds of problems in the past year, for example, the team leader of my first internship gave me a return offer and promised me that I could go back at any time, however it turned out that the team never had an open position; I was also interested in going into wealth management field, but I learnt the fact that foreigners are not allowed to have “investment advisor” license in China after I got an offer from a securities company. Thus, my advice would be as follows: Always be open-minded and try different areas before making the final decision; “Drawing a big picture(画饼)” is somewhat common nowadays, so make sure your offer is written down on paper, not just in oral form; Always check regulations of what you can do and what you cannot do before actually doing it. 

7.      您的中文怎么样?您认为学习中文,对在华求职就业有多大的帮助?How is your Chinese language? How helpful do you think learning Chinese will be in finding a job in China?

Chinese is my first language, my Chinese is still much better than my English even till now. I believe being able to use Chinese fluently would be an important asset to have when applying jobs in China. Even though I am working in a U.S firm right now, but 95% of my colleagues are local Chinese. We mostly talk in Chinese but write in English. My suggestion would be trying to master listening and speaking in Chinese, as this will definitely be very beneficial for you to work and live in China. 

8.      关于工作签证,您是如何准备并成功办理的?How did you prepare for and successfully apply for a work visa?

I am currently applying for the work visa. There is a special department in my company helping me going through this process, but it is very slow… There is a list of documents you need to apply for the work visa and the list is available online, so it would be good to start preparing your part of the documents early. Your company will prepare the rest probably after your graduation. You can always ask for help from teachers in ACEM, they are very experienced and always willing to help.