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ACEM Career Talk | 2021 MIB Graduate Cher Jialin LI

Publisher:Office of Student Affairs and Career Development    Time:2021-06-28

Student学生:Cher Jialin LI李嘉琳

Class班级:2019 MIB 2019级国际商务硕士

Nationality国籍U.S.A 美国

Company就职:A Global Blockchain Tech Company某知名区块链公司

Introduction推荐理由:Studying and Landing Careers in China during the Pandemic疫情期间在华学习及求职就业


1. 请介绍一下您的学习经历及毕业去向。Could you please tell us about your study experience and which company will you join in after graduation?

 I am an American student and I have a dual bachelors degree from Waseda University and  Peking University. I applied to MIB program after about 1 year of working in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout my graduate studies in Shanghai, I did 3 internships and will be joining a global blockchain tech company after graduation.

2. 为什么选择交大安泰?读书期间有何收获?如果重读一遍,会如何安排读书时光?Why did you choose ACEM of Shanghai Jiao Tong University? How do you feel about it? What did you gain during your study period? How would you spend your study time if you were to try again?  

 I chose ACEM because I previously had experience studying in Beijing that sparked my  interest in China to pursue a graduate degree. ACEM was the school  that offered a very  comprehensive course for students with backgrounds like mine.  I wanted to study business and ACEM has a good reputation as one of the top business schools, so I chose MIB   program  in the end. Overall, it was a very good and memorable experience for me. I learned a lot about businesses in China and interning in China is a very different experience  compared to Japan and US. The courses offered at ACEM really helped me to gain first hand experience about key business models and trends in China. I was also able to learn immensely from my internship experiences. If I can start over again, I would definitely try to start job hunting process/internship earlier.      

3. 从什么时候开始实习的?如何准备实习?有何经验分享?When did you start your internship? How did you prepare for the internship? Do you have any internship experience to share?      

Due to the pandemic, I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable internship. I started my 2nd year  during September. Usually, internship interviews aren’t too difficult and if you prepare well about your experiences and what you’re capable of, companies usually give you a chance   to start with them. Some companies ask you to perform some tasks like an Excel homework to check your skills, but overall, it shouldn’t be too hard. I suggest to really ask HR or your internship company to be transparent with you if there is job opportunity to start with them after graduation. Some managers or HR are not very transparent and would sometimes lie that they would hire you, but you should have a conversation with them after 2-3 months about job opportunity to get a sense if there’s any possibility. Some companies just don’t hire junior level students and they only want interns. Other companies don’t want to deal with foreigners’ visa problems so they actually won’t hire foreigners. Be very careful about this and always keep this in your mind. Always look for as much opportunities as you can and have multiple options if possible.

4. 请分享一下您的求职经历,什么时候开始找工作,通过哪些有效的渠道,如何找到目前就职的单位?Regarding the job hunting process: when did you start looking for a job, what effective channels did you use, and how did you get the job offer from your current employer?

I started looking for a job from September of my 2nd year of study at ACEM. I used campus hiring websites, LinkedIn and career fairs. I got the job from my current employer because I first started off as an intern for the company. They hired me after a trial period. Usually, it’s very difficult to get a job straight away without starting as an intern first. So definitely be selective and careful when you choose your internships because it will strongly affect your future job.

5. 在求职过程中,您觉得自己的外籍身份对自己有何影响,如何凸显外籍学生的优势?How do you think the foreign status affects you in the job search process and how do you highlight the advantages of being a foreign student? 

To be honest, due to the Pandemic, foreign status is a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Companies find it hard with all the paper works they have to prepare for a foreigner, especially foreigners also expect higher salary. I was able to find internship that only required English skills most of the time and I was able to prove that my skills were needed for the company as they don’t have many native speakers. If you speak another language, definitely use that as your advantage and try to look for companies that need your language skills and background in business. 

6. 在求职过程中,有遇到特别难的情况吗,有什么建议给学弟学妹?In the process of job hunting, have you encountered any particularly difficult situations, and what advice do you have for junior students?     

Campus hires almost never really work out as you’re competing against Chinese students and  many Chinese students who excel in English. Only some programs in which the companies will send you back to your home country, would you find  more advantages in case of campus hire (Trainee Programs). Connections can take you far, attend career forums and job fairs as often as you can. Or just knowing more seniors from other programs or networking can get you some opportunities. I got all my internships through recommendations from friends or coworkers. LinkedIn also never really works out unless it’s a startup.

7. 您的中文怎么样?您认为学习中文,对在华求职就业有多大的帮助?How is your Chinese language? How helpful do you think learning Chinese will be in finding a job in China?

I have HSK 6 in Chinese and completed my bachelors in Beijing in Chinese. I believe Chinese skills is very important to land a good job in China. I was denied some opportunities at bigger companies because they require bilingual proficiency which is almost impossible for many international students. Know your advantages if you speak another language and usually in my experience, startups are more willing to hire people without much Chinese language skills. You can try to look for companies in your native language to increase your advantages if you speak a language other than English.

8. 关于工作签证,您是如何准备并成功办理的?How did you prepare for and successfully apply for a work visa?

As a master student, some companies offer type C visa. Which means you might not need a criminal background check from your home country if you never left China after you began you studies. However, to be safe, I suggest you prepare your transcript, non-criminal record check from home country, and get a document from school’s Securiy Office(保卫处)to prove that you never conducted any criminal activities during your studies in China. You would also need a medical checkup for visa and valid passport, along with more than 30 days of valid visa status in China while you’re applying. Start 3 months before your official graduation date to buy yourself some time. Your company should prepare all the other materials for you. Again, really really push your company to help you out with this stage because everything is very slow and takes time. Start early!